Reblogged Stories

I am very pleased that so many readers are enjoying the stories that I have been reblogging recently.

For those of you considering doing something similar, my up to date Stats might prove to be of interest.

I know that only a small percentage of WordPress bloggers view their Stats on a regular basis. Based on that, this may or may not be informative, but it is a good example of how Stats can affect what you decide to do on your blog.

When I reblog a post, in this case fictional stories from some years ago, the Stats inform me very accurately about who reads what. Over the past couple of weeks, the reblog has received more than 60% of the views. But those seeing this, and liking it, rarely go on to read the full original story. Around 32% actually read the story, whether or not they comment, or like either version.

This is not a complaint, merely an observation. So just over one third of readers and followers actually click the link to read the whole original story.

I don’t know about you, but I find that very interesting indeed.

16 thoughts on “Reblogged Stories

  1. That’s interesting information and quite useful too. So, thank you, Pete!
    My stories are so short (3-4 lines) that most them reach my followers completely on their email. Hence they really don’t have to open the link. So I would never find out who actually read it.

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    1. Thanks, Shaily. Of course, over 50% of my followers might well have read those reblogged posts before, so I suppose a limited click-through is to be expected. I just like to examine the Stats from time to time.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Pete, I am a bit obsessive about my views, and I recently started a “Sunday Songs” post which is my music alphabet series…and guess what? I’m getting more views and comments now than when I originally posted them…the reason, I think, is that I’ve been much more aggressive in joining blogging sites, as well as a number of Twitter sites that share my posts as long as I comment and share others as well…

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    1. Thanks, John. After long missing that connection, (not deliberately) I am now retweeting my followers’ posts on Twitter, as you may have noticed. We are all in a ‘circle’, and it’s great to promote everyone in our very own vibrant community. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Pete, I’ve found that Twitter does help get more attention to posts, but sometimes it seems the clicks are delayed a few days…who knows, but thanks for sharing my stuff that way and I will do the same!

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  3. I “like” the current reblog post, as a means of showing you I checked it out, and then click on the link and go back to the original blog post to see if I’ve read it. Most likely, I’ve already read the story and written a comment (especially if the original post was written after November 2013).

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  4. I wonder if the device which they are using has an impact. I quite often use the ipad and the reader. When you click through to the original post you can’t easily get back to where you were when you’ve finished. I have to shut WP down, go back in and then go back to the reader, which is a pain, I presume it’s the same for those using a smart phone. I don’t mind the hassle as a) I’m not impatient and have the need to do everything quickly, and b) it’s always worth it 🙂 but I think a lot of people just want easy and can’t be bothered!

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