Connecting your Gravatar to your site

In January this year, and a couple of times previously, I have urged new bloggers to connect their WordPress site to their Gravatar image.

Since Monday, I have had eleven new followers who have not done this. This means I cannot find their site without taking time to search the available name. I am unable to read their blog posts, or to thank them for following me. It also means that nobody else can use their Gravatar profile to find them.

If you do not make this connection, you will miss out a great deal. Using a click-through on your Gravatar image is far easier than trying to find your site through a Google Search, and less time-consuming too. In 2019 alone, I have had more than a hundred followers who have not made this connection, leaving their blogs ‘drifting’ in the huge ocean of blogs and websites out there.

So once again, here is how to do it.

Connect WordPress Sites to Your Gravatar Profile

29 thoughts on “Connecting your Gravatar to your site

        1. It means people who click on your photo have to ‘click again’ on the name ‘Jennie’ to get to your site.
          But that’s better than no link at all. I would suggest you still add the site to your profile, if you want more people to potentially visit.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Very good advice Pete! But be patient with them. Maybe they fear problems with the GDPR, because the Gravatar service is not really allowed to use. There is not detailled policy where the IP-addresses will be submitted, and some lawyers (Germany is greating! :-)) are so in need for money. A big compliment to the responsible persons in the UK. They have really given you a good guideline on their official pages. Not here in Germany, and unfortunately not in some other European countries. ;-( Michael

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  2. Thanks, Pete. I’ve only been at this a few months, but without the wisdom of you more seasoned bloggers, I’d truly be up a creek. without a paddle.

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  3. OK, I have once again tried (I even added a photo this time). The question is: “Have I maintained my incompetence?” Or, “Did I finally pull it off?” The Shadow knows. But where is the Shadow?
    Warmest regards, Theo


  4. Nice one Pete! (Lol, and I immediately checked to see if my gravatar is connected to my site 😅😅). Always cool to give this kind of advice! And now off to read the Triple Frontier post (glad to see it appear so early since I’m not off to work yet 😃).

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      1. Well, as someone who never sleeps in (always awake at 6 o’clock in the morning) it can at times be annoying to not be able to get back to sleep. Then again: you will have a longer day and are able to do more things, so there is that 😊

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