Just Been Watching…(106)

Triple Frontier (2019)
***No spoilers***

This is a Netflix film, and I believe it is only available through that service.

As two blogging friends had recommended this film, I decided to watch it today. After all, it stars Oscar Isaac, and I really rate him as an actor. It also stars Ben Affleck though, and I am not very keen on him.

The film starts off with a decent action sequence, introducing us to former Special Forces soldier ‘Pope’ Garcia, (Isaac) who is working as an adviser to the police in Colombia. He has been trying to bring down the powerful drug lord, Lorea, but the man has gone into hiding in a fortified house deep in the jungle. Luckily, Garcia has an informant on the inside, a young woman who wants to escape the country with her brother. She tells him that Lorea has untold millions of dollars stashed in the house, and he sees a way to get out of the business for good, and make his fortune.

He returns to the USA, where he looks up some of his former comrades from the Army days. Once they are all together, he outlines his plan to infiltrate the jungle hideaway, kill Lorea, and steal the money. This will all be illegal of course, as none of them are still serving soldiers, and have no sanction for the mission. Three of his friends are happy to join him, but the fourth needs some convincing. Tom Davis (Affleck) had been reduced to selling apartments to make a living, and doesn’t have enough money to send his kids to college. But he fears the job may prove to be too difficult, as they will have to escape over The Andes, following the robbery. Of course, he is eventually convinced, and the five men leave for South America to carry out Garcia’s plan.

This is very much a film of two halves. The first half is taken up by the plan, the attack on the drug lord’s secret house, and the events surrounding the robbery. Then the rest of the film concentrates on the gang trying to escape by car, helicopter, and boat. On the way, they encounter some aggressive farmers, and have to also deal with the incredibly difficult terrain, as they try to cross the mountains to get to the boat that has been arranged to collect them.

Oscar Isaac plays the leader with his usual flair, and the others in the gang convince as former soldiers looking for a way out out the humdrum lives they have led since leaving Special Forces. The film doesn’t pretend to be more than it is, a tense robbery-thriller with exciting shootouts, and chases. But ultimately, there are no heroes, and we have to ask ourselves if the gang are little better than the cartel they are robbing. You also have to suspend belief somewhat during many of the improbable escape scenes.

This is a ‘don’t think too much’ film that you can just sit back and enjoy as an action-thriller.
Even the A-list casting doesn’t lift it much above that, despite some superb location filming.

27 thoughts on “Just Been Watching…(106)

  1. From my review:

    I think the lessons of this film were as follows
    US military: not doing a good job of taking care of its veterans
    Stealing from drug dealers: bad idea
    Trying to fly a helicopter with overweight cargo over the Andes: bad idea
    Burning money when you are cold: bad idea
    Shooting a load of villagers and then trying to pay off their families: bad idea
    Greed as a concept: bad idea
    Female character: not worth actually naming
    Choosing to watch a film just because you fancy some of the cast: bad idea
    Key target audience for this film: not me

    Predictable and derivative with phoned in performances and direction and little or no tension. I can see what director J.C. Chandon was trying to do but it was all a bit too literal to have much of an impact. I am sure some will love the kind of “brothers in arms against a corrupt machine” narrative but I just thought they were a group of idiots making bad decisions. And frankly I was bored, which is the antithesis of how an action movie should make you feel. If it’s not going to have the guts to drive the dark, gritty reality of what combat does to one’s mental health than it needs to be fun. Triple Frontier is not dark enough and it’s not one bit fun. I failed to give a shit what happened to any of its characters because they felt like two dimensional cardboard cutouts and they were all dicks.

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  2. I finally looked up Oscar Isaac. I had no idea who he was. I must admit, I originally read: “After all, it stars Oscar Isaac, and I really hate him as an actor.” And then I rubbed my morning eyes, and realized you’d written “rate” instead of “hate” in your sentence.

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    1. I only have Netflix through my stepdaughter’s account. If any of your family have it, they can ‘Add’ you to their account, or give you their own logon/password details instead.
      You haven’t missed too much by not seeing this though. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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            1. Subscribers are allowed so many ‘devices’, depending on level of membership. Because we have helped her out so much in the past, she was keen to add me to her account as one of her ‘devices’.

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  3. Yep, pretty much in total agreement with you on this post. It was a decent film, not something that will become a classic, but very watchable indeed. I definitely had fun with it, and there were some pretty cool action sequences (and yes I have to admit some of these have to be taken with a grain of salt lol 😂).
    As for Affleck while he is certainly never going to be a favorite actor of mine, his acting did improve. I recently saw him in Gone Girl and thought that was a really good role from him. Anyways great review Pete, glad you enjoyed the movie! 😊

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      1. Lol…now you have me all curious about that review, will check it out after this comment 😊
        But yeah, this definitely has that kind of Stallone/Arnie-esque feeling about it. Interesting to note that both of them will return to their classic roles this year: Stallone in Rambo, Arnie in Terminator 😊

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