Thinking Aloud On a Sunday


I woke up dreaming about being in a foreign country this morning. I am not sure where it was, but it was hot, and the sea was blue.

That made me think about how I haven’t been outside the UK since 2011. Of course, I had a lot going on back then. I was coming up to retirement, we were buying a house here in Norfolk, and my Mum was very ill. No time to think about holidays.

Then I settled here, and got Ollie. Once you have a dog, it makes you have to consider who looks after your pet if you travel abroad. Neighbours, kennels, or friends can all be asked or paid for, but is it really fair on your dog? After all, he has become used to being with you, and a sudden absence might upset his routine. So we started to go on short holidays in the UK instead, to places where we could take our dog.

But I can’t just blame pet ownership for not travelling. I had lost interest in the queues at airports, the cramped economy-class seating, and the inevitable delays and hassles. All that to get to a place not dissimilar to one I had already seen, with the possibility of upset stomachs, insect bites, and unsatisfactory accommodation. That first week away feeling like something fresh and different, but the second week appeared to just hurtle toward the departure date. More coaches, more airport hassle, and always the crowds.

I began to conclude that I am ‘holidayed out’, as far as travelling to the usual tourist destinations is concerned. I don’t have enough money to do it in comfort and style, and although there are some interesting European cities I have never visited, I really can’t be bothered to take all that time travelling, just to spend a few days seeing them.

So unless something unexpected happens regarding my finances, I doubt I will ever be seeing Venice.

Or Vienna, Budapest, Madrid, New York, or Lisbon. Or any tropical island paradise.

I have discussed this before on the blog, but I suspect my subconscious is still hankering after that feeling of a relaxing holiday.

To be honest, I’m not that bothered anymore.

58 thoughts on “Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

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  1. I am content to visit one foreign country–Canada since we can drive there. There is so much variety in New England that we have been content just to explore the area. And I did get to visit Norfolk after all! Norfolk, Connecticut.

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  2. Never had the urge to travel but that might be cos usually skint and I don’t hanker after things I can’t afford. I used to like airports before they told us we’d have be there twice as long before the flight. Recently travelled to literally the other side of the world to daughter in New Zealand. It hasn’t changed my view.

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  3. getting there is half the fun and always hoping for that airline upgrade
    I’m sure it does happen to someone πŸ™‚
    Sunny NZ is waiting for you !

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  4. You and the OH would get on well. I would still like to visit some places in Europe and of course my family in Australia – that one becomes harder as the flight is so awfully long and sitting in cattle class is horrible. But I am happy here in Cornwall too and feel that I am on holiday all year round! Maybe this week I will be wishing I am somewhere else though as the school holidays are upon us.

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    1. It’s sad how the tourist season overwhelms an otherwise peaceful life. I feel the same about our coasts here. Once the schools break up, I avoid the whole area for six weeks. Then again, the local economy often depends on that influx of income.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. I love travelling but only to the UK. We are going to Scotland in August and I am very excited. We are going to the Bronte Museum, Beatrix Potter’s house, and I am going to visit Mary Smith in Dumfries and hope to see Robert Burns’ house. You don’t need to travel because you already live in the best place in the world.

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    1. Thanks, Robbie. I have travelled around Scotland, and Yorkshire too. In good weather, there is not much better anywhere, I agree.
      (I met some South Africans today. The have lived in Beetley for more than 20 years. They still have a house in SA, but rarely go back now)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. Pete, you know that I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to go many places while working – all paid for! However, the lure of a foreign locale is dampened considerably by the unpleasantness of the process of getting there, so I’m taking a break until next summer, hopefully to get my enthusiasm for going through the process back up!

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  7. There is no place like home. When I leave it, I am always very glad to come back. Problem is that once I wandered away from my original place in Texas, I have never truly felt I was at home since. Even after being in the Pacific NW 31 years, it does not feel like home. Texas, if I am honest, never felt like home either. I did not fit in well. All the lottery money in the world would not change that. For the moment I will just enjoy the life I have here with my wife and little dog and see what happens next. Happy Sunday to you, Pete.

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  8. Well…as you know I’m afraid of flying, so until I conquer that fear, I’m pretty much stuck to Europe, and travelling by boat. But have never really felt that urge to travel. There are some places I do still want to visit one day, England being one of them. As far as outside Europe, Canada and Japan are on the list…but again…plains lol πŸ˜‚
    Then again Pete, there is nothing wrong with just staying at home and having fun there. I certainly don’t feel like I’m missing out on something 😊

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    1. If you are able to enjoy your home country, then that’s a plus. I have been to Amsterdam (by air), but would have liked to have seen more of Holland. You live in a nice part, close to Arnhem, and surrounded by a National Park.
      You can get a train from Amsterdam to London now, via Eurostar. No need to fly, or travel by sea anymore. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Amsterdam is certainly worth visiting, but I would recommend Utrecht more. It’s a much livelier town, and there are so many things to do there 😊 True enough! I have no complaints where I’m currently living, and Arnhem is well worth a visit as well, especially the Zoo. If you ever come near here, I will give you a tour 😊
        As for London that is definitely very convenient these days! 😊

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  9. Visiting other countries was great back in my younger days…..I had visited 33 countries…..and as I got older I felt I needed a major medical procedure to remove an airplane from my ass…..I cherish it all the sights the food the people but now I am pleased to stay close to home and enjoy Sue, Granddaughter and MoMo…….chuq

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  10. It has been since 2011 that I have been abroad. I must confess my reasons for not traveling abroad since these are very similar to your reasons. However, in comparison, my reasons sound more like the material Aesop based his fable “The Fox and Grapes.” I will have to take steps to renew my passport on Monday. Warmest regard, Theo

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    1. I would still do it all ‘First Class’, Sue. (I would need a lottery win of course)
      Picked up from home, VIP lounge at the airport, chauffeurs at the other end, personal guide…
      You get the idea. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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