A trip into Town

Another reblog for new followers, from 2014. One day in the life of a sleepy Norfolk market town.


This morning, I had to make a trip into Dereham, the local town. I often drive through it, to get to the large supermarket on the outskirts, but I rarely have occasion to stop there. Today, I had to take a suit to the Dry Cleaners, as I will wear it next week, to a friend’s funeral. I was also going to pop into the branch of my bank there, and perhaps have a look around some shops.

I parked in the large free car park at the northern end of the High Street. As it is not one of the market days, it was easy to find a space. It was very cold in the wind, and occasional sleet made the short walk unpleasant. The shop where I left the dry cleaning is also a shoe repair and key-cutting business. The pleasant young man who runs it is always…

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17 thoughts on “A trip into Town

  1. The Β£ store huh? That sounds pretty interesting! I honestly have to say that at times I just love shopping…not for clothes (that is something I really hate), but to go shopping for dvds, boardgames, books and comics…always nice!. Dereham sounds pretty good! 😊

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              1. Thanks so much Pete: really you are so kind! 😊 My friend is currently just gone on his three week vacation (started last monday) but when he comes back I will let him know. And he buys lots of stuff online, so I’m pretty sure that won’t be a problem 😊 Thank you again Pete, awesome! 😊

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