London’s bridges in photos

There are no less than 33 bridges across The River Thames in London boroughs. As someone born in that city, and where I lived for 60 years, I have been across most if not all of them during my life. If you have never visited that great metropolis, you may not know just how many there are, and how diverse they are too. So here is a selection.

Westminster Bridge. On the north side, you will find The Houses of Parliament.

London Bridge. The oldest river crossing, from Southwark, first bridged by the Romans. One later bridge was famously sold to an American, and is now a tourist attraction in Arizona.

Before the Great Fire of London, the bridge was heavily built on, with shops and living accommodation. You can see the heads of executed criminals and traitors, on spikes over the entrance. The huge church on the south side is still there today, now extended, and called Southwark Cathedral.

Waterloo Bridge. Stand on this bridge and face east, and you have one of the best views in London. This was immortalised in the Kink’s song, ‘Waterloo Sunset’.

Vauxhall Bridge. On the south side, you will see the famous MI-6 building, shown in a James Bond film.

Lambeth Bridge. The building visible on the north side is the headquarters of MI-5.

Albert Bridge, to the west. Always illuminated at night, it it one of London’s most attractive bridges.

Tower Bridge. Saving the best until last, my favourite London landmark, and an image associated with the city since the bridge was opened, in 1894.

Let me know if you have a favourite London bridge.

54 thoughts on “London’s bridges in photos

  1. Thanks for the photos. The engineering that goes into some of these is pretty remarkable. One of the biggest bridges five hours away from me is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. My wife’s uncle (since passed) used to be a painter on the bridge. I remember he once told me that by the time the crew got to the end of the bridge, it was time to start over.

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  2. Great tour Pete! The Tower Bridge is certainly the best looking, and full of character. But I remember the Westminster bridge the most as we stayed near there and I loved the iconic views of Westminster and Big Ben. Also liked walking the Millennium Bridge over to St Paul’s Cathedral, if I’m remembering my bridges correctly.

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  3. What a terrific tour Pete! My wife was unfamiliar with the “Waterloo Sunset” song at first, but loves it, and the Tower Bridge is the one that seems to capture the essence of London at its finest – great photos and history!

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  4. See…and this is one of those reasons that I just have to visit London at some point or other 😊 I know a few of these bridges of course from the many British detective shows I have seen, but looking at all these Tower Bridge would be the obvious choice, but I have to say I like the look of Lambeth Bridge as well 😊😊

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  5. To be honest, I thought your post might go a bridge too far…
    The only bridge I’ve traipsed across (several times) is the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. This is also where Alexandre Aja filmed “Piranha 3D,” a guilty pleasure of mine. (I really ate up the scene with the two ladies swimming underwater in the altogether, but, fortunately, the piranhas didn’t take the bait.)

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  6. So many North Americans think Tower Bridge is London Bridge. In fact, I believe the person who purchased London Bridge, thought he was buying Tower Bridge. Or perhaps that is just a rumour. I do loveTower Bridge, which is relatively new.

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    1. Thanks, Darlene. It was widely stated at the time that the buyer did think he had bought Tower Bridge, and was disappointed not to get the one that raised in the middle. Despite being fairly ‘modern’, it is still my favourite.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  7. lovely gallery of London bridges, Pete! several i’ve had the good fortune to have crossed. Erie history of London Bridge but like you, the magnificent Tower Bridge is a favorite.

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  8. Would love to rent a car and go zig-zagging across the Thames on a route filled with different bridges going from one end of the river to another…probably not feasible in the UK. Sorry to say but I guess my Yank-ness is showing.
    I am especially intrigued by the historical use of the original London Bridge. I guess that shows my lack in most things history-related. So thanks for that ‘teaching’ moment.
    And yes, we’ve been to the city of your birth – would love to return as there’s so much to absorb. Really love that it’s a ‘user friendly’ type of place (ie-the tube and our legs got us everywhere)

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    1. You could drive back and forth along most of the bridges, Laura, though you would incur payment of the Congestion Charge for the day.
      (Except for those that are just for trains, and the pedestrian bridge.)
      However, given the current traffic situation in that city, it might actually be quicker to walk! 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Reasonably well. I have seen trains cross the rail bridge many times, and visited Kew Gardens often over the years. The road bridge is a crucial part of the south/north circular road too. Glad you like the post, Alex.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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