Art Deco London In Photos

Regular readers might recall that the architectural style of Art Deco is my personal favourite. To save me typing out a lot of stuff, here is an idea of what Art Deco means.

When I still lived in London, spotting buildings in this architectural style was always a passion of mine. So I thought I would share some with you.

The Black Cat Building, Camden, NW1.
This former cigarette factory has been lovingly restored. It now houses small businesses, conference rooms, and a popular gym.
From 2000 until 2012, I lived in the street just behind it, and walked past it all the time.

West End Central Police Station, Savile Row, W1.
I worked in this police station from 2001-2004. It made going in to work a pleasure.

Senate House, University of London, WC1.
I used to often walk past this building on my way down to Soho. I always stopped to look at it.

The offices of McCann-Erickson, Bloomsbury, WC1.
Another beautifully-restored office building on my walking route into work.

Arnos Grove Station, N14.
Many of London’s Underground (Subway) Stations are Art Deco delights.
This is Arnos Grove, north of the centre.

Florin House, EC1.
Luxury apartments in Charterhouse Square, EC1.
If this looks familiar, it was the on-screen home of ‘Poirot’, as played by David Suchet in the long-running TV series.

Kensal House, W10.
At the other end of the housing market, Kensal House. Social housing in the Art Deco style in Ladbroke Grove, W10.

The Hoover Building, West London.
The former vacuum-cleaner factory of Hoover, in Perivale, west London.
With the facade preserved by law, and beautifully renovated, it once housed a large supermarket.
I understand that it has now been converted into very desirable apartments.

Just a glimpse of a few of the Art Deco wonders still standing in London.

53 thoughts on “Art Deco London In Photos

  1. All lovely buildings, Pete. Not the London buildings would chose to showcase as when I come to the UK I am all about historical buildings. I can see why you like these ones, but to me you will find this type of building in most places in the world.

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    1. You have to know where they are, Pit. It is very easy to pass them by in traffic, or on a bus. And if you use the Underground railway, you are unlikely to see them at all. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I love that Pete, and also that you knew and respected the architecture around you – far too few people do…my wife and I did the Chicago River Architecture tour a dozen times…always fascinating to hear about all of the incredible buildings along that river…including the Merchandise Mart – the second largest office building in the US after The Pentagon – unless recently it had its own zip code! Look up a picture it’s gorgeous and an entire city block!

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          1. Pete, you would love the river cruise…dozens of classic buildings with a ton of history – that one is unbelievable – it has a Chicago train stop inside – an elevated track goes right in and then back out again!

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  2. Whoa..some very cool pictures indeed! Honestly canโ€™t even decide which one is my favorite, but I guess Iโ€™m going to go with the Senate House. That building looks awesome ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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  3. To be honest, I’m more of an Art Nouveau guy.
    Of the buildings pictured, I prefer the Hoover Building. Interestingly, the Hoover Dam (1936) on the Nevada-Arizona border is an example of Art Dรฉco, and so is the Smith Center for the Performing Arts (2012) in Las Vegas. The center’s architecture was inspired by the dam.

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        1. Don’t get me started on The De La Warr. That is my favourite building in the UK! I used to drive to Bexhill from London, just to have tea there in the afternoon! ๐Ÿ™‚
          The Round House in Frinton is my ideal home!
          Best wishes, Pete.


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