Bad Taste? : Wedding Photos

Yesterday, I posted some old wedding photos taken during the 1920s. That prompted me to compare them with some of the awful wedding dresses popular around the world today.
As I had hoped, that post, and my opinion, generated some debate.

So out of interest, here is a short selection of some bad taste wedding outfits taken during the last few years. I know which brides I prefer.

To me, this just looks wrong.

Some of us may indeed like to see your huge boobs. (Yes, me included)
But not on your wedding day, please.

As above, but even bigger boobs!

‘Tacky’ is the word that springs to mind.
(The same bride from the top photo, but a better view of the dress)

Oh dear. What was she thinking?

Maybe I am just old-fashioned, (yes, I am ) but I would hate to be the groom standing next to a bride dressed like these.
And what will their descendants think, when they look back over the photos of the ‘Big Day’?

Or maybe they won’t care? Times change.

85 thoughts on “Bad Taste? : Wedding Photos

    1. No and I don’t think they’ll mind either. Those dresses are begging for attention. I think a little like kids who pull pigtails and put gum on school seats getting attention for all the wrong reasons is still AOK.

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  1. I’m guessing it is all in what the bride or groom thinks is important. But then I’m not sure the groom has much input in anything after he pops the question. Call me old fashioned and I’ll object that that is too modern to describe me. πŸ™‚ Warmest regards, Theo.

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  2. I am a traditionalist and old-fashioned (for the most part) so you can already guess what I think about it. It’s hard to find clothes that compliment the big chest. It’s a curse, really. They’re a pain to carry around!

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  3. Well…maybe I’m old fashioned as well but I totally agree with you. I would rather have a bride with a beautiful dress than the ones that are on display here. Seriously mean no disrespect, but well this just looks really horrible. One has to say what they were thinking. Having now reached the age of 43 and being single still I kind of have given up on getting married, but if it ever happens, I hope my future wife will have better taste than this 😊

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  4. The past generation, has prided itself on tearing down what they consider stuffy tradition. It’s their way of poking fun at a once serious commitment. Many have turned it into an opportunity of “shock value”.

    Change can be good, but change should never replace or lessen the sanctity of a serious commitment, such as religion, or weddings. I wonder how long, till weddings are no longer performed.

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  5. These are so wrong. Fortunately, they are in the minority. Most of the brides I have seen in recent years have lovely dresses in good taste. Although I have a problem wrapping my head around paying so much for a dress you will only wear once!

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    1. Of course these are extreme examples, Darlene. I have also seen some very lovely and tasteful brides during the last ten years or so. But the trend for ‘flamboyance’ is apparently on the increase.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. When I was a best man in 1970, me and the groom wore white suits with purple shirts and white ties! The bride wore white, but her bridesmaids had purple dresses. I did go to another wedding around 1978, where the bride wore a lavender dress, and the groom had a dark purple suit. πŸ™‚
      Cheers mate, love to all. x


  6. I think the problem with wedding dresses, in general, is that they take what should (in my opinion) be a serious and well-considered choice, and turn it into a stage production. Admittedly, this is more on the burlesque end of the spectrum, but it’s an unpleasant trend that weddings are becoming more and more about the audience.

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