Trying Harder With Twitter

If any of you are followed by me on Twitter, you may well have noticed more activity from me lately.

I have decided to ‘try harder’ with Twitter. I confess that it eludes me somewhat. It constantly updates, and I get more than a little ‘lost’ at times. I keep retweeting the tweets of those I follow, but I never actually manage to find those retweets on my own Twitter feed. You have to bear with me here, I have never had a Facebook account, and I am also getting quite old!

It moves too fast for me to comprehend, and there are SO MANY duplicate tweets, I never know whether or not I am retweeting the same post I retweeted ten minutes earlier!

Then I see the same tweet retweeted by fifty other people, and end up wondering if I have tweeted the right thing in the first place! Then someone retweets the retweet I have just done, and my brain starts to ache…

When I got a Twitter account, I did that purely to link it to my blog posts, in the hope of a wider audience. But Twitter is now getting away from me, running like a train I am unable to catch.

So please let me know if I am doing anything wrong, or if you would like me to retweet something you have posted. Otherwise, I might well miss it completely.

And don’t get me started on ‘Mentions’!

Honestly, I am trying harder… πŸ™‚

47 thoughts on “Trying Harder With Twitter

  1. While I am an avid Instagram user and I do use Facebook… mostly for groups, Twitter has never really appealed to me. It mostly seems full of vitriol and noise. I have an account connected to my WP to push out my blog via Twitter but it’s not a platform that I have the energy to try and get embedded into.

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    1. I feel much the same, although I don’t use Facebook or Instagram. I have just been trying to ‘return the favour’ with some Twitter friends lately. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Pete, if you click on Notifications you’ll find the tweets which mention you whether it’s someone re-tweeting your tweet or liking a tweet or sharing it. You will also find there notificaitons of people who have followed you on Twitter. I rarely spend much time on the main twitter feed as it goes too fast so after seeing what’s there when I first go on it, I will click on the names of people (not all or I’d do nothing else all day!) I follow to see what they are tweeting or share one of their tweets. I do like Twitter but since taking my blogging and social media break I see they have changed things a bit.

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      1. I’m sort of half way back! The book is off to the publisher and we’re waiting for them to do the editing and layout before sending us a copy for proof reading. Still working at the museum until the end of August – but am definitely on my way back to re-joining the blogosphere. I’ve missed everyone πŸ™‚

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  3. Haha….well, no worries Pete. I get more than a little lost myself there as well. I have twitter mainly because of my blog, and because a lot of my friends from the anime community are on there as well, and it’s pretty cool to talk in that way at times for collabs and other projects. Other than that…not a real clue myself either. That said: I always appreciate the retweets from you, so really thank you! 😊

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  4. Pete, the thing about Twitter is, just drop in, browse if you want, and leave a post of your own…retweeting for other people is great as well, but I do it from your WordPress link, so it’s easy…Twitter does drive traffic, especially when you share stories with like-minded people…cutl movie fans are active and interactive there…the key is not to care what you see or don’t see because it is always updating!

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  5. I look on twitter and try to link with writers but I forget to use the hashtag. I sometimes share a blog post with them but not all my wordpress blogs.I won’t go near facebook and it does limit me as there are groups I ought to join. This wordpress blog is enough for me, along with my new website which should be live by Saturday.

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  6. I have given up on twitter and deleted my account. It had started as a little activity to keep up/in touch with some of my friends, and to post a quick note, but it grew and grew, me following ever more people and news. That was way yoo time-consuming. So I decided to quit.

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  7. You have my sympathy, Pete. What you say simply reinforces my conviction (and reassures me that I am right!) that Twitter is not for me, either personally or professionally. Facebook is by no means perfect, but it suits me, and my blogs & reblogs are shared to my publisher page. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks, WB. From what I have seen of Facebook, I have avoided that platform with a vengeance. But I know it works well for many people, especially when promoting books or services. Twitter seems to be becoming overwhelmed with ‘issues’, and many tweets are just about Brexit, or President Trump.
      I carry on trying though. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.


  8. Pete, I used to twitter in its early days but have avoided it since celebs and politicians started using it to be publicly vile to each other. Facebook is better behaved though there’s not much of interest, mostly prattle and selfies.
    Blogging is best. πŸ˜€

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  9. I think a parrot might have been a better symbol than a bluebird. I opened a twitter account ages ago after reading it was one of the things authors were supposed to do, lost it then found it again. My blogs automatically get shared on there, apart from that it just seems to be people retweeting each other. I feel much more at home on WordPress.

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