A New Tradition?

I am just back from attending an afternoon party. That has kept me off the blog most of the day, hence my lack of attention to the posts of those of you I follow.

I will try to catch up tomorrow.

The purpose of the outdoor celebration was a ‘Gender Reveal’. One of my step-daughters has a baby due next January. This morning, she paid for a private 3-D scan at a clinic, and was given a black balloon. Inside this balloon we would find either pink glitter, or blue, depending on the sex of the baby. When all the twenty-four guests had arrived, everyone gathered around, camera phones at the ready. The balloon was duly popped, and pink glitter showered the lawn, to the cheers and delighted exclamations of all there.

As she already has a small boy, (he popped the balloon) she had been hoping for it to be a girl, and was suitably thrilled at the result.

We were also shown the scan photos, which she had to pay for of course. Then those same photos put inside key rings, (also paid for) and a recording of the baby’s heartbeat placed inside a soft-toy rabbit, which we could hear when the bunny was squeezed. That alone was a cool Β£25.

Gender reveal parties are new to me. I suspect they are an import from America, like so many things here now. I’m not complaining, and nobody else was either. Happiness, friends and family, that was what it was all about today. Now lots of suitable baby girl clothing will be purchased, along with girl-friendly toys too, I have no doubt. The hot topic of discussion was the chosen name, but that had not been decided upon by the time we left.

This seems to be a long way from fathers sitting in waiting rooms, anticipating the arrival of a nurse to tell them “It’s a boy!” (Or girl) In the age of supposed ‘Gender Fluidity’, it also shows that lots of people want to keep things traditional. Even if that tradition is brand new.

Congratulations to my step-daughter, and to her boyfriend.

Normal service on this blog will resume some time on Monday.

58 thoughts on “A New Tradition?

  1. We went to one in October and although I initially privately wondered why we (Brits) feel the need to keep following American trends it was a great day and I’m converted to thinking this is a really nice opportunity to gather family and close friends together for a very special occasion.

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  2. Can’t say this appeals to me at all, such a waste of money and don’t they get the opportunity to have the sex revealed at the normal NHS scans? Not that I ever had any of those either! We are definitely becoming the 51st state…

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    1. Another US import to relieve people of their cash, Pippa. When I am dead and long gone, it will seem as if it has always been ‘our tradition’, no doubt.
      (Anytime, for that drink. But I am rarely in London. πŸ™‚ )
      Best wishes, Pete. xx

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  3. Gender reveals are definitely an American thing. Many times a great deal of money is spent to do a reveal bigger and better than others. I never knew the gender of either of my children before they were born. Now, buying the β€˜correct’ color of bedding and clothes seems paramount. I remember at my first baby shower, most everything was yellow or green since no gender was known. I have known the genders of all my grandchildren long before they were born.

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      1. All available from the clinic at a price. I figured out a long time ago, most holidays were invented as a marketing tool for greeting card companies. Move over greeting card companies, you now have a new marketing friend–clinics! Warmest regards, Theo

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  4. Sometimes it is nice to know the sex of the child when she/she is due for birth. That way, the surprise is really one. But with technology nowadays, we could always know the sex of the baby in advance.


  5. My biggest excitements in life were not knowing what our childern were going to be, son rining when their first baby arrived to tell us we had a grandson and daughter rining to say she had just given birth to a boy. But both families wanted to know what the second would be – Me to son ‘Well don’ tell me, I want a surprise’ to which he replied ‘It will be on Facebook’ – sure enough, no sooner had they had the scan than a black and white alien appeared on Facebook with the announcement it wa a girl. I had certainly not heard of this elaborate ceremony.

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  6. I have to say that I never heard of this tradition myself either, but I am happy that you had such a great time though. Of course congratulations are in order here as well: so Congratulations! I’m really happy for you! 😊
    Also don’t worry about catching up Pete! You are allowed days off you know: I’m sure I speak for everyone here that we just think you are awesome, so really no worries 😊😊

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  7. Congrats to all Pete. I saw something similar recently for the first time. A young couple occupied a section of thr beach in front of a bar with a balcony. When guests arrived they activated a number of pink smoke canisters to the delight of all. I half expected a Huey to fly in and rescue the husband from his impending doom. πŸ˜‰

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