A funny short film: The Gunfighter

Thanks to my long-time blogging friend, David Miller, I got to see this excellent short film yesterday. A witty satire on ‘narrated’ westerns, it gave me a much-needed chuckle, on a day of dark skies, and heavy rain.

David resides in Nevada, USA. He blogs on WordPress.
He is also a published writer, a song lyricist, and an accomplished compiler of limericks.

20 thoughts on “A funny short film: The Gunfighter

  1. The first time I watched this, I thought, “Where was John McCullers all this time?” But, in fact, he can be seen repeatedly in the short. He just keeps a low profile, and never says a word.

    It would be interesting to watch the “awesome ballet of death” in slow motion to determine who kills who. But I think the viewer can make educated guesses, based on the dialogue between various characters.

    “I think this voice wants us to kill each other.” (Tommy Henderson)
    …followed shortly by…
    “Meanwhile, the gunfight saw an opening to shoot Tommy dead.” / “Okay, you got me. That one wasn’t true.” (Narrator)

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  2. Lol…that was one heck of a ballet of death….wait, was it me who just said that? Or was it the voice? 🤔🤔 This was seriously funny Pete…thanks for sharing it, hope you will have a great weekend! 😊

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