One For The Teachers! : A Short Film

Thanks once again to David Miller, I greatly enjoyed this award-winning short (9-minute) film. When Political Correctness reaches new levels of incredulity, a dedicated teacher finds herself caught up in a modern-day nightmare.
One that could all too easily become true.
Stick with it, for the great ending! 🙂

31 thoughts on “One For The Teachers! : A Short Film

  1. I saved this one for later in the day, as I was a tad bit busy with some other things, but having just watched this I have to say: this one was terrific! That ending was sooo good lol! 😂😂

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  2. Thanks for posting the video, Pete. This video is obviously a satire. The whole purpose of satire is to exaggerate the truth in a humorous way in order to bring the underlying truth to light. As a former elementary school teacher, I’ve found myself in situations with students, parents, principals, and other teachers that were borderline insane.

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