Story Time: Serials

My most recent serial, ‘Moving Day’, has now ended. As usual, I will give some idea of how well it was received, and the ideas behind it. The ‘Complete Story’ of over 25,000 words has also been published, for everyone who prefers to read it in the ‘Novella’ format.

Setting out to write a Ghost Story serial, I thought it might be interesting to add some more modern, and seemingly popular themes. These included YA and LGBT, alongside the traditional genres of Witchcraft, Betrayal, and Ghosts. I also threw in some genuine legends, and a soupcon of fantasy.

As usual, my aim was to leave readers flummoxed by the ‘twist’ ending. I am pleased to report that on this occasion, I think I confounded everyone! By going down a path strewn with misdirection, and red herrings, I succeeded in surprising everyone who had stuck with the serial over 25 days, at least so far.

The traditional Beetleypete writing policy was applied. Think of a title, then work out the ending. Work back from that ending, inserting characters and timelines that will make it both readable and convincing for someone following the serial format. Each episode was written the day before publication, following on as closely from the previous one as possible. I write them quickly, in around an hour. That includes time to re-read before corrections, and then saving the draft. The serial of 25 episodes took close to 27 hours to write, save, and publish. Given the real-time reading period of 25 days, that is not too much of a demand on my time at all.

As always, I would like to thank the 50+ readers who read each episode, totalling almost 1750 views for the serial at time of writing. Thanks too for the comments, and those of you who had theories and ideas, and invested time in Becky, the principal character. Sorry it didn’t turn out as many of you had hoped. 🙂

I have since published a Photo-Prompt short story, which some of you have read. My next serial will depend on an idea entering my head.

For those of you who shared this on Twitter, or other social media platforms, additional thanks.

I look forward to seeing you all following the next serial, whenever that may be.

Best wishes, Pete. 🙂

27 thoughts on “Story Time: Serials

    1. Thanks, Pete. I have done quite a few, not always involving ‘twists’.

      This was my personal favourite, as it was based partly on experiences in my own life, with the timeline altered. The theme is a little ‘racy’, but hopefully not offensive to anyone.

      And this was undoubtedly the most complex one to write, with a new ‘alternate reality’ every day. I still think of it as my biggest writing challenge so far.

      If you ever get time to read them, perhaps on a dull winter night, I would be interested to know what you think. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


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