Ollie’s skin, and his fur

Poor Ollie has had a bad summer. The late arrival of extremely hot weather has thrown his system out completely.

The unusually hot weather has made him begin to moult with a real severity. His fur is covering the house, and coming out in handfuls every time he is stroked or petted.

We have seen a return of the large bald patches we call his ‘crop circles’, and the poor dog has been a martyr to scratching, and feeling uncomfortable. His only relief seems to come from dozing or sleeping, and he has little energy for play, or his usual antics.

Most daily walks have been spent with him spending too much time standing in the river, and I have become weary of telling him, “Stop scratching!”

So next Monday he has been booked in early with the dog groomer. He will get that fur hand-stripped, have a nice bath, his toenails cut, and his ears cleaned out.

We can only hope that this will cure some of his irritations, and frustrations. It’s the least we can do.

55 thoughts on “Ollie’s skin, and his fur

      1. Hi.

        Campbell came down with a skin infection about a month and half ago. We cleared it up with oral antibiotics, or so we thought. It came back about a week or so back and his main vet saw him and said it should’ve been treated with a topical antibiotic, which made more sense to me, so he got the infected areas shaved, and was sent home with medications which he hates, and he’s finally starting to get better.

        He did not appreciate it when they shaved away the fur LOL.

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          1. Thanks. I’m just about to go and clean his infected places and then let them dry a while before putting on more ointment. Oh how he hates to have the ointment. Not because it hurts, itches, or anything like that. But, because he hates anything like that on his fur.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Ollie’s ailments. The amount of hair that my dogs leave everywhere they go is astounding. We brush them each day, and it still comes out in clumps. A ten-minute ride to the vet usually means an hour of trying to get all of the hair vacuumed up from the car.

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  2. Our cat has a similar problem. She bites and scratches herself and has bald patches and scabs. We had been putting it down to the hot weather and midges but it seemed to be getting worse so we took her to the vets yesterday. They suggested stress (well we’re all suffering from that having had kitchen fitters here for two weeks, and living on ready meals, take aways and eating out, and washing up in the bathroom). They gave her a steroid injection to stop the itching and allow things to heal up. Hoping it does whatever the cause.

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    1. Thanks, David. Ollie gets this around twice a year, usually associated with moulting. It has been worse than ever because of the hot weather. Steroids work really well, so should help your cat. But Ollie had a lot recently, for an ear infection, so cannot have more at the moment.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Hi.
    I had a beagle who suffered mightily with this type of thing. My vet treated him with steroid shots, and sometimes antibiotics to clear any infection that might be in the skin.
    I also found that washing the spots in rubbing alcohol helped to dry them out once the fur was shaved away.
    Sending speedy recovery Vibes.

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    1. Thanks, Patty. Ollie recently had antibiotics and steroids for a skin infection that got into his ears. We don’t want him to have all those tablets again so soon, as there is a danger he might develop a resistance to them.
      Once the hot weather subsides, he will start to get better, we hope.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. That is a smart way to go at the thing.

        Yes, I too have to watch how much medication Campbell gets of that nature because you’re correct, they sure can build a tolerance to it and then it does no good.

        Good luck.

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    1. He doesn’t get bitten that much, because of the thick fur. It seems that most of the irritation is around the areas where the fur is falling out, and leaving exposed skin that he finds itchy. Hopefully his grooming will offer some relief.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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