Questions and Answers

In this great community, many of us engage on a daily basis. We have friends, followers, and others that we follow in turn. They come from countries all over the world, often with different cultures, religions, and life experiences.

For many of those, English is not their first language, but they blog in English, to reach a wider audience.

Some bloggers are very private. They have an obscure blog name which is carried over to their email address, and tell the world nothing about their actual location or circumstances. Many hide their gender, age, and appearance. Some, myself included, put it all out there, with personal details, photos, and unashamed recounting of life experiences, opinions, and current situation. No way is the ‘correct’ way, as however blogging works for you is always going to be the best way.

I have long wanted to ask some of them more personal questions. Nothing rude or intrusive, just everyday things like “Where do you live?”, “What do you look like?”, “How old are you?”, or even “Are you a man or a woman?” Natural curiosity is often part of what makes people bloggers to start with, but I would never be so rude as to ask such things of people who obviously want to keep their blogging life separate from their real one.

It occurred to me that I should practice what I preach, so here I am, offering you the chance to ask me any question you have ever wanted to ask me.

You can ask me up to five questions in a comment on this post, and I will answer them completely truthfully, as long as that answer does not upset anyone not connected to this blog, or embarrass anyone not involved.

This is not a big deal for me of course, as most of you know pretty much everything about me.

Or maybe you don’t? 🙂

Ask away!

49 thoughts on “Questions and Answers

    1. 1) Obvious. 🙂
      2) Probably Singapore. I liked it, but would need to have a second look.
      3) Gevrey Chambertin Burgundy. (Barolo a close second)
      4) Bob Hoskins would have been ideal. Shame he died.
      5) My computer with the big monitor. I couldn’t write and blog without it.
      Thanks for a great selection, Abbi.
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. 1) Sitcom is hard! I have 3 top ones.
      Father Ted.
      Black Books.
      (Is ‘Fleabag’ a sitcom? If so, add that)

      2) Brandy, but I don’t drink it anymore, as it gives me indigestion.

      3) Only on Twiglets. Never on bread or toast.

      4) History. (And English, and French!)

      5) Senile Dementia. No longer knowing who I am is a fear.

      Cheers, Pete.


  1. 1. What is your favorite genre in reading?
    2. Where is somewhere you always wanted to visit but never did?
    3. What have been some of your favorite pets besides Ollie?
    4. What do you think the world’s biggest problem is?
    5. When was the happiest time in your life?

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    1. Thanks, Pete.
      I answered 1 and 2 lower down, but happy to repeat here.

      1) Historical Fiction. (Bernard Cornwell, and others like that)
      2) USA. I would like to visit the Civil War battlefields, and my American blogging friends.
      3) Oskar my guinea pig, and a German Shepherd dog called Skipper.
      4) Greed.
      5) 1960-1970. Ages 8 to 18. Before the harsh realities of life kicked in!

      Thanks again for the questions, Pete. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Almost certainly, Elizabeth. I couldn’t give one specific example, but since I retired, my dreams are worrying, and I have a complete disregard for my own mortality. It would have been impossible to see so much, and not be affected at some stage. In my case, it happened once I stopped doing the job, as if all those years of pent-up emotion flooded my mind in an instant.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. 1. If you could change one thing about your appearance what would it be.
    2. Were the jobs you had ones that you fell in to, or were they what you always wanted to do?
    3. If you had to start over what profession would you choose today.
    4. What life skill that you haven’t got, do you wish you had.
    5. Do you sing in the bath/shower/car when you’re on your own.


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    1. Thanks, FR. Here you go!

      1) Eye bags! I have had eye bags since I was young, and now they are HUGE!
      2) I always wanted to be a Policeman, or a History Teacher. I fell into quite a few jobs at first, then deliberately went into being an EMT. I then worked for the Police for 12 years. I got there in the end. 🙂
      3) History teacher, at a University. (A good one, like the LSE.) No question.
      4) DIY, of course! I can’t do ANYTHING practical! (Or swimming. I can’t swim)
      5) Truthfully, I never do that.

      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Film questions:
    1. Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, or Marilyn Monroe?
    2. Audrey Hepburn or Brigitte Bardot?
    3. In “Barbarella,” Jane Fonda or Anita Pallenberg?
    4. “Midnight Express” or “The Great Escape?”
    5. “Basic Instinct” or “Dressed to Kill?”

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    1. I love film questions of course!

      1) Liz Taylor, when she was older. Heavier, (my preference) voluptuous, and sensual.
      2) Bardot, every time. Hepburn was almost ‘asexual’, and too thin. 🙂
      3) Definitely Fonda. If only for her outfits.
      4) Great Escape. Midnight Express is too dark and depressing.
      5) Basic Instinct. For Sharon and ‘Leilani’ together!

      Thanks, David. I confess I expected more film questions.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thanks, Kim. All good questions indeed.

      1) At junior school. I won three prizes (books) for English essays, aged 8, 9, and 10. (I still have the prize books!)
      2) Benny Goes Bust. (It has a personal connection, and I so enjoyed writing it.)
      3) And Quiet Flows The Don by Mikhail Sholokhov. It had a huge effect on me.
      4) So far, Singapore. (But The Soviet Union is a close second.)
      5) USA. To see all my blogging friends there!

      Hope you enjoy the answers, Kim.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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        1. Yes, I did an ‘outline’ for a book aged 11. It was set in an imaginary world, but with modern (1960s) characters. My teacher declared it to be ‘fanciful’. That was long before Terry Pratchett! 🙂
          (That Russian novel is still a great read!)

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  4. 1: What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?
    2: Which is more important in a film, acting or visuals?
    3: Who in your opinion is the best director around today?
    4: What’s your biggest pet hate when watching a movie in the cinema?
    5: What meal are you the best at cooking?

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    1. Hi, V. Thanks for the questions.

      1) Obviously, a house then a car in order of cost.
      But if you mean ‘thing’, then probably my first laptop, in 2002. It cost over £1600 for a basic Dell 15″ laptop. It had no wi-fi, 256 mb of RAM, and a 20 GB hard drive!
      I also bought Julie’s engagement ring, but that was not for me. That cost £2,000. So that would be the answer, a ring with three diamonds in it.
      2) Acting for me. Visuals alone are no good without great acting.
      3) Shane Meadows. He just makes great films. (Mike Leigh second)
      4) a) When the cinema auditorium is too bright with ambient light.
      b) People talking.
      c) People eating food and slurping drinks.
      (They are all equal pet hates.)
      5) Either a full Sunday Roast, or Pesto Chicken with pasta and asparagus.

      Good choices mate!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. What was the moment that you said enough and started your blog?

    Do you have a prediction for the future of blogs?

    What is your favorite sin that you indulge in?

    Have you ever battled a raccoon in a three round fight to the death?

    What question is on your mind that you have been hoping someone would ask, so you could get some stuff off your back?

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    1. Good choice of questions, lateyte!

      1) I started my blog five months after I retried from work in 2012, and moved from London to Beetley. A friend suggested it would keep my mind active, and allow me to record the differences in life between London and the countryside.
      2) I think blogs are getting better. They are more substantial, and people do not abandon them so easily. So my prediction is that blogging will continue to increase in popularity, and some significant bloggers will get a lot more influence in public decision-making.
      3) Drinking red wine, definitely!
      4) There are no raccoons in Britain, fortunately. 🙂 So no.
      5) I honestly had no questions in mind, as I am used to getting everything off my back on this blog, or on my other one.

      Thanks again for the great questions.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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