Toritto: A Blogging Tribute

One of the first blogs I ever followed was this one.

Frank Scarangello is a 70-something retired man with an Italian-American heritage, currently living in Florida. He sadly lost his wife, and his son too. But he still has two wonderful married daughters, and a much-loved grandson. He used to work in the financial sector, and has travelled the world for business and pleasure. As a young man, he served in the US Army at the time of the Vietnam War.

But Frank is also something else. A simply wonderful writer.

His poetry will bring a lump to your throat, and his reminiscences of his lovely wife and son made me sit and cry at this computer. I doubt any man ever loved a woman more, and that leaps from every word. A life dedicated to family, and a social conscience to be applauded too. His grasp of history is substantial, and his writing on the subject informative, interesting, and always authentic.

Never boastful, and always genuine, Frank’s blog just nails every subject he writes about. He has done more than just ‘seen a lot’, he observed it and remembered it too.

His published writing is a joy to read too.

If you only ever follow one blog, make sure it is Frank’s.

33 thoughts on “Toritto: A Blogging Tribute

  1. Pete, I was busy with my hurricane prep most of the day and didn’t see this till eleven in the evening.

    What can I say but thank you. sincerely. Your thoughts are deeply appreciated and are quite a tribute from someone whom I believe is a much better writer than I. Your fiction pieces are exceptional.

    May thanks again and my best regards.


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