Little Violet Rose

Regular readers will remember that last November, we had a new baby in the family. My cousin’s daughter gave birth to a lovely little girl. She named her Violet, after my late mother, with a middle name of Rose, after my grandmother. This moved me immensely, to know that my mum’s name would live on in our family.

Last week, we went down to Essex to visit her. She is now nine months old, and still such a joy. Always happy, rarely crying.

Here she is, enjoying her lunch.

After a walk along the sea wall, we took her to the park, where she loved being on the swing.

Getting up speed.

Swinging close to the camera.

It was great to see her three days in a row, and to watch her playing with the toys I had brought her.

Our family continues, into the next generation. My mum would be so proud and pleased.

62 thoughts on “Little Violet Rose

  1. Seeing the purity of spirit and joy in a child gives me faith, Pete. She is a beautiful little girl and her name suits her. I am sure your mum would be over the moon. Your photos capture herpersonality so well.

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  2. What joy emanates from her swing and such a huge sense of adventure. Happy pictures of a very happy baby. Thank you for the delightful share. (Thumbs up to Mum for finding such a beautiful floral dress which echo’s Violet Rose’s name).

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