Guest Post: Jon Risdon.

Jon is a writer and blogger living in Britain. He blogs under the name Wilfred Books, and his site can be found via this link.


Welcome to the new Wilfred Books blog. After much prevarication, I finally accepted that, as a publisher who is trying to establish some sort of presence in “the global market-place”, it was about time that the company had a blog, as well as a website , essential of course, because that’s where I sell the books, and the social media pages (Facebook and Google+: I don’t do Twitter) so here I am, at last! It’s only fair to say that I also waited until I had more than one solitary book to sell, because that didn’t make me a publisher, but rather, an author trying to sell a book I’ve published (Black Shirt and Smoking Beagles)! I will return to this point later.

I thought, in my naïveté, that it would be the proverbial ‘five-minute job’ to make a new blog: wrong! Possibly it is simply the usual problem of unfamiliarity with a particular user interface for a specific application, but my frustration is partly the result of having created a blog on my personal website, which was the culmination of a very long & tortuous development process, mainly thanks to my relative inexperience as a coder; I now feel reasonably happy with it, even though I would also be the first to admit that it is by no means perfect (and, whilst I could very easily lists its shortcomings, I think I’d rather lyrically accentuate the positive!).

On the whole, I think I’m glad that I didn’t check out other blogs before I designed my own, because I think it would have influenced my conception of the appearance, whereas I approached the task as a design project, which meant that I could make it look exactly as I wanted it to, rather than having to conform to another application’s parameters. When it came to a blog for Wilfred Books however, I thought it would make more sense to use a templated blog, specifically to save time; one of the major drawbacks with my personal blog is that it isn’t responsive (adjusts to different screen sizes: it only works with screens no smaller than a landscape oriented tablet), whereas I knew it was imperative, given today’s peripatetic lifestyle, that the Wilfred Books site was responsive, which it is, even if the graphic design standard is basic!

In the end, I settled on this one; previously, I had what was probably a totally irrational aversion to WordPress, perhaps because of its ubiquity (I confess to being an unashamed nonconformist), but I am reliably informed that the platform is well known and generally liked for its efficacy. Hence, I can now compile & publish a new blog post in a recognisable and responsive form fairly quickly, which means, given that the delightfully-named ‘back-end’ processes (order processing, etc.) on the Wilfred Books site are working effectively, I can concentrate on developing the publishing aspect of the company.

That’s where you, dear reader, come in: do you have a book that you are desperate to publish, but don’t know how to go about it? My preference is non-fiction books, the favourite genres being auto/biography or interesting/unusual family history, but I will consider other genres if they have merit, of course (although I think romantic fiction might be at the bottom of the list!), so if you would like me to consider your magnum opus, leave your email address in a comment, and I will get back to you! Also, please feel free to comment on the style of the blog: I deliberately kept it quite plain, so let me know if you like it, or if you think it could do with ‘jazzing up’ a bit. Thanks!

You might like to read Jon’s thoughts about the writing process, and getting books published. Please let him feel a part of this great community.

25 thoughts on “Guest Post: Jon Risdon.

  1. This was a helpful post! I’ve been playing with the idea of publishing a series of non-fiction essays from my blog? Not sure how to go about such an adventure. Love to make contact with Jon and see if he thinks my work is viable. Exciting! I’ll check out his blog. Thanks for sharing such a great resource Pete.

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  2. Jon: On your about page you say, “For more information about Wilfred Risdon, including his biography Black Shirt and Smoking Beagles by J. L. Risdon, please visit the Wilfred Books website about page.” Yet, I am on the page and have questions such as does the publisher have editorial services like a traditional publisher, for one? If it is about, why is it recursive? the site contents are interesting and worth following. Warmest regards, Theo

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    1. Thanks very much for the comments, Theo. I didn’t mean to be recursive, or oblique: it was more that I didn’t want to lean too heavily towards the marketing on the blog, seeing it more as a vehicle for subjects which might have interested or engaged Wilfred Risdon; rather, I was trying to recommend that anyone who is interested should check out the Wilfred Books website,, because that is my primary selling tool – I know I’m limiting my potential by not using Amazon or any of the other similar sites, but I don’t like their business practices 🙂

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