Guest Post: Kim Barker

One of my longest and dearest blogging friends, the lovely Kim Barker, has finally sent me a guest post.
Kim is an ex-librarian, and mainly reviews books on her wonderful blog. Here’s a link

Nobody does blogging better than Kim. She currently resides in Alabama, USA, with her husband, Tom.

The Migraine Mafia, by Maia Sepp ~ 5.0 Stars.

I received this ebook courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Viive is a 30 something Canadian with a loving husband Nate, and a great career. She has it all right? Not quite. You see Viive also suffers from excruciating migraines, and now they have put her job in jeopardy. She’s lost countless friends to this disease, will she now lose her career? You would think a book about someone in chronic pain would be depressing and hard to read. Not so. The Migraine Mafia although a work of fiction is also extremely informative through the support group Viive joins, The Migraine Mafia. The novel is also hysterically funny in parts. One of my favorite scenes is when Viive discovers that gluten may be aggravating her migraines. She and Nate embark on a gluten free shopping trip and purchase all sorts of wonderful things. Then they get home and discover not one single thing is gluten free! I couldn’t stop laughing because that’s exactly what happened to my husband and I. And that’s an example of why this book is so wonderful. It speaks to migraineurs in a deeply personal way.Viive is lucky in that she has a loving and supportive husband, mother, and brother, yet one of the friends she has lost is Nate’s sister who just doesn’t get that migraines are so much more than “headaches”. Maia knows the toll this horrible disease takes on sufferers from not only what I already mentioned, but also missed vacations, get-togethers, etc. I HIGHLY recommend this to migraineurs, significant others, family, friends, and colleagues of people who suffer from this disease. I also think fans of women’s fiction would enjoy this.

Please check out Kim’s blog. Send her some love, and meet one of the most engaged bloggers on WordPress.
You will be glad you did, believe me!

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