Guest Post: Colin Guest

Here is a guest post from someone whose name is actually Guest! That must be a first. 🙂
Writer Colin lives in Turkey, and his blog name is ‘Tigerman’.

As an expat, Colin Guest has worked in fifteen countries and lived a life most only dream. Click on the word Home to get a link to his site.

Here is Colin’s own bio.
‘Colin Guest is a freelance writer who has published eight books, with a ninth due out shortly. Five of them have been made into audio format via Amazon ACX, with a sixth to be available in early August 2019. Apart from his books, Colin has had articles published in various online magazines, with one published in a UK expat magazine. Colin also writes poetry with several in the final four in poetry contests. He once took part in a live American radio show, did a one-hour podcast re his writing and has taken part in a number of online interviews. A newspaper in his hometown in England, UK, published an article on Colin and his writing. Colin is keen on environmental and wildlife issues. His pen name Tigerman, comes from his love of tigers, with his adopting one for the past twelve years. Colin is married and lives in Istanbul, Turkey.’

This post is intended to give encouragement to other authors.

The first book I wrote was a memoir, and foolishly as it turned out, paid a chunk of money to get it printed. Despite what I had previously been informed, I could not reduce the cost the company decided to sell the book. Due mainly to this, and I must admit poor professional editing, there was only one copy sold. After my contract period was up, I cancelled sales of the print version. I later had it re-edited and self-published and eBook version. A lesson from this is to make sure that what you are going to receive from such a company is what you wanted. After writing several more books without managing to attract the attention of a publisher or agent, I struck lucky. In the space of two days I received offers from two companies to publish my books. One is a media company that is dealing with the majority of my books, and have produced new cover photos and republished the books. The other is a small publishing company that has published an erotic style romance story of mine in both print and eBook format. They will also be publishing a print version of my novel, A Dangerous Love Affair. At present, it is available in eBook format or as an audiobook via Amazon ACX. This version I am delighted to point out has recently had a significant increase in sales.
I am presently in the process of having Fatal Love; my erotic style romance story made into an audiobook, which is due to be completed in October. I also have plans in progress to have my memoir An Expat’s Experiences of Living in Turkey, made into an audiobook. It covers my living here for the past thirty years and includes advice to those thinking of moving to Turkey. I think that audiobooks are an excellent way to go for authors. It can help get your books read by more people at little cost to yourself.
On this note, I strongly advise all authors and budding ones to ensure that their manuscripts are professionally edited before trying to get them either published by a company, or self-publishing.
Given my late success, do not give up when seeking an agent or publisher. Remember, positive thoughts lead to positive results.

Here are some links to Colin’s work. Desperation Rules the Day Impending Disaster Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps For the Greater Good An Expat’s Experiences of Living in A Dangerous Love Affair Never Pull the Tiger’s Tail Terror Holiday Fatal Love guest/

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