Guest Post: Brenda Scruggs

Brenda is a published writer and blogger and has sent me a guest post titled ‘Chasing Your Dream’.

Here is her own bio.

‘Brenda Scruggs is an inspirational multi-genre author of 7 books with at
least 25 more floating around in her thoughts. She studied journalism in
high school where she learned graphic design and typesetting. She believes
the written word can transport a person to different times, places and
where dreams come true. Her words bring the imagination alive experiencing
diverse emotions leaving the reader wanting to know more.’

Chasing your dreams can sometimes feel like when you watch fireworks
during holidays, they seem to explode in our mind only to fizzle out when
we don’t have the courage to chase them.
Do you have a burning desire to do something? Is there a dream that keeps
coming up but you’re too afraid to step out into it?
Bravery is facing your fear and having the courage in taking steps
regardless of how it feels. The word “courage,” is related to the French
word “Coeur,” which means “heart.” Have you heard the phrase,” to take at
heart?” If you take heart in something, you are encouraged and made to feel
optimistic by it. Synonyms: be encouraged, be comforted, cheer up.
In this post, I’ll share some helpful tips in chasing your dream.
Remember, real bravery isn’t about fearlessness; it’s about taking steps
in spite of it.
Courage is your fuel in achieving amazing success in life, follow/chase
your dreams.
• If you’re a writer, you could be the next best-seller.
• If you’re a singer, you could be the next pop or country, etc. singer.
• If you’re an inventor, you could invent the next creation that could
change the world.

Dreams are limitless. It’s the possibility of having a dream come true
that makes life interesting. So, don’t limit your dreams, live them.

Can you remember when you were a child and you chased your friends in a
game of tag or hiding seek? You would run as fast as you could to tag the
person you were chasing so that they would be it. In other words, you
chased the person for a purpose. When you chase something, for instance,
your dreams, it is for a purpose and that purpose is to see the dream come
to life.
Here is a story about a man that had the courage to continue when
rejection wanted to stop him.
George Lucas spent four years sending the script for Star Wars around to
various studios. After numerous rejections, he didn’t give up even when
Universal Studios and United Artist both turned him down. Rejection is a
mountain that wants to stop you.
Then finally, an executive from 20th Century Fox who had seen his American
Graffiti film and been impressed by it decided to give him a chance with
his Star Wars. The film was made for $11 million dollars and was released
in 1977. Since then the original Star Wars trilogy has grossed over 2.4
billion dollars. If he’d let his negative inner voice get to him, he would
never have ended up having the highest grossing film of all time. George
Lucas had the courage to chase his dream.

What’s keeping you from chasing/pursuing your dream?
 Could it be fear?
 Could it be not knowing where to start?
 Could it be finances?
 Could it be doubt in achieving your dream?
It’s easy to talk yourself out of something, but face the fear, begin
somewhere, invest in yourself little by little, and CRUSH doubt!
Steps in Chasing and living your Dream

1. Vision your dream
Think to yourself and imagine seeing yourself living your dream. Activate
your imagination and see where you want to be.

2. Design your dream
Once you have a vision of your dream, build a blueprint of it on paper.
Jot down an outline of ideas, and techniques.

3. Work your dream
Now that you have the vision and outline for your dream, you will need to
work it. This is where you need to collaborate with all the tools and
materials that you will need for the finished product – your dream.

4. Launch your dream
Now that you’ve seen your vision, planned it, worked it, it’s time to
launch it. Launching your dream can be exciting and scary at the same time.
An assortment of thoughts will bombard your mind some good others not so
good. But believe in your dream. Believing is a vital part of your dream.

I am an author of contemporary/historical romance and I am
following/chasing my dream.
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Norma Gentry is a natural entrepreneur. Her ideas are more than dreams,
they become reality. Her beauty is more than skin deep. Her heart is in
everything that she does from being a wife to starting different
enterprises. Though a lady’s place is in the home, her husband encourages
her dreams. But when the train that she is returning home on derails, her
life is changed forever.
Jim Gentry a notable councilman in the city of Nashville, Tennessee
considers himself fair and is respected by the townspeople. Known for his
astuteness and investments, he took the position of a moderator on the city
council to aid in the growth of this great city. But his world comes to a
standstill when the train Norma, his wife is on derails.
Book Trailer:
If you liked, “A Noble Wife,” then
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Ladies of Entrepreneurship
The Ladies of this saga are Proverbs Thirty-One women. They are women who
are business orientated, strong-willed and determined to live the dream
that God has placed inside of them. Follow these women of free enterprise
and see how their story unfolds as God secretly works behind the scenes
fashioning love together, healing wounds and bringing dreams to life. Three
books in the series – Many Hats of a Lady, Sadie’s Mustangs, and Clara’s
Each novel can be read as a standalone book or as a historical saga.
I also have Contemporary books
The Chocolatier, Michaela’s Justice
And one Non-fiction – Fear- It is a Devour
Until next time… Chase your dreams and catch them!
Brenda Scruggs

Brenda can be found at:
Amazon Author Page:

Check out Brenda’s site or social media pages. You might enjoy her books!

14 thoughts on “Guest Post: Brenda Scruggs

  1. Excellent piece, Brenda. Life is a series of challenges. I’m convinced what brings us the most joy is when we go after something that is hard to attain and get it. I often think back to the shy high school teenager I was and wish that I could relive those years. Going for it and having no regrets is a much better philosophy than living one’s life playing it safe.

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  2. This is very sensible and practical advice. I subscribe to the view that a course of action can just as easily have a positive outcome as a negative outcome, and the more mental energy we expend on concentrating on the negative outcome, the more likely it is to happen so, as the song goes, we need to “accentuate the positive”! 🙂

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