How It All Began

I am reblogging this important post about female health. If you are a woman, have a wife or daughter, sister, aunt or even a grandmother. A female friend or partner, girlfriend, best friend or a neighbour you know well, then please bring their attention to this. If you are a blogger, please reblog it so more women can read it. If you are on Twitter or Facebook, please share it on those platforms too.
Once you have read this, please follow the rest of Melissa’s story on her new blog. She almost wasn’t here to be able to tell it to us.

Two Moms And A Toddler

Let me start by saying that this story ends (spoiler alert) with a hysterectomy. If you are a woman in search of alternative methods of fighting your fibroid and looking for stories of success in that area, I encourage you to continue your search but also to continue reading – because, I WAS you. I get it. My story did not end the way I had played it out in my mind but my fate was decided for me. I’ll get into the how’s and why’s of that later.

It all started in February of this year. I went to see my OB for a regular well woman exam – complete with Pap Smear, Mammogram, and Pelvic Exam. I’m a healthy 44 year old woman, proud Mama of a beautiful 2 year old daughter, and lucky wife to an amazing woman. I have always had heavy periods. Oh wait. Let…

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