Farewell to a great dog

Last week, I posted about a trip to Yarmouth, in 2011. My step-daughters’ dog Baxter was featured, and I remarked that he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Many of you expressed commiserations over that, so I thought I would bring you this sad news.

On Monday, he suffered a series of fits, and was taken to the prestigious Animal Hospital in Newmarket. Scans revealed no more could be done for him, and he was sadly put to sleep.
Both my step-daughters were distraught of course, and all of the extended family were greatly upset by the loss of our loyal and faithful family dog.

He had a happy life, and was well-loved.

Goodbye, Baxter. You will never be forgotten.

91 thoughts on “Farewell to a great dog

    1. Thanks, Joanne. I read your post, and tried to leave a comment.
      However, it required me to log in to wordpress, (I was already logged in) then it informed me I would have to share my password login details with you.
      I have never seen this happen before on WP, so I cancelled the comment.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. My sentiments immediately turn to your stepdaughters, Pete. I hope they aren’t in pain too long. The death of a pet affects the whole family, but it brings up all kinds of feelings for children who may not have had many experiences with death before.

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  2. I am sad for the girls to have lost their beloved dog. One of our dogs had advanced cancer and we couldn’t decide when enough was enough, then she, like Baxter, had seizures and the time was clear. I found it a relief to now have to decide.

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  3. I am so sorry to hear that Pete 😦 I am sure others on here have said this, but tell your stepdaughter that all of us blogger friends of Beetleypete.com express our sincerest condolences. Baxter is in a better place now and having fun with all of the other animals up there (including other dogs).

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  4. You have honoured him, that helps exorcize inevitable grief. I’ve been preoccupied with so many things that I haven’t had time to check in for ages. I hope Ollie is well. Px

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  5. I tried to send a message, but my iPad just fell offline so forgive me if it appears twice. Suffice to say, may I send you all an enormous hug and a kiss. Dogs are the absolute best. They are the loving glue in a family that connects us all. And I DO understand. I’m still longing, absolutely longing for my lovely dog. But I hope that Baxter and mine are happily playing together up in doggy heaven, chasing those annoying little squirrels. Katie x

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