Postcards From Blogging Friends: Part Three

Cards are still arriving, so if you don’t see your one here, it will feature soon.

The lovely Suzi Tench, a British blogger, sent me this card.
It is illustrating some wood carving art by David Nash.

Nicolas Rossis sent this in an envelope, from Greece.
It is very artistic, and a nice mix of colours.

Scottish blogger Mary Smith sent me this from Dumfries.
She has written a great book about that town, and that is mentioned on the back.

(In case you don’t know, it is pronounced ‘Dum-Freece’)

American blogger Susanne sent this all the way from the Pacific North-West.
For some reason, the US Post Office decided to stick some ugly bar codes over the name of the city.
Luckily, you don’t have to guess, as the name of it is on the back.

Sorry that the photos turned out rather dark. No idea why!
They looked fine in the viewfinder. 🙂

More postcard posts to come, so keep looking out, if you sent me one.
Thanks once again to you all. Pete.

47 thoughts on “Postcards From Blogging Friends: Part Three

  1. (1) Coincidentally, I had some ̶D̶u̶m̶f̶r̶i̶e̶s̶ dumb fries at McDonald’s yesterday. I think they’d been under the heat lamp too long…
    (2) Seattle—Isn’t that where Gene Autry was from? He sang a song entitled, “Back in Seattle Again.’
    (3) If that’s a back alley in Greece, just think what an actual city street might look like!
    (4) Wood you happen to know if Dana Carvey has a hobby like that?

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  2. Wow, they really did mutilate the postcard! I’m thinking some additional training is needed! Not only did they cover up ‘Seattle’, but they chopped off the top of the Space Needle too! Oh well, at least the whale and ferry survived! 😉

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