Trick, No Treat: An Urgent Warning for Cat-Lovers, Writers, and…Everyone Else

A warning to all cat lovers! Plastic can cause thyroid problems!
Please read this post, and the linked post too.

Lara Trace Hentz

We have caused this one. I am talking about plastics in our environment. And I am talking about their insidious effect on the thyroid – HUMAN and animal.

This post is about an emerging health crisis facing cats in particular and everything and everyone else in addition, and we have caused it

…This is not going to go away. And if you have ever loved a cat, you know how emotionally charged this issue is about to become.” –

MUST READ: Trick, No Treat: An Urgent Warning for Cat-Lovers, Writers, and…Everyone Else

This post must be widely shared since it is now a matter of life and death. Thank you my friend KC.

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18 thoughts on “Trick, No Treat: An Urgent Warning for Cat-Lovers, Writers, and…Everyone Else

  1. Thank you, Pete, for pushing the word on out there… The more people who realize the insidiousness of this problem and disease, the better… Perhaps we can save our cats and dogs on the way to saving our children and the planet…but only if we realize how volatile the problem is, how it is nested already among us even as we have rationalized away how other people and other animals have managed to be affected…

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  2. There is a great deal of talk about micro plastics and there is no doubt they are in our drinking water. Scientists have not yet decided what effects these may have but some are exceedingly small and can enter cells. Yes tea bags are a worrying source and there are plastic free ones around now but that does not solve the water problem.
    The fact of the matter is we have made the miraculous invention of plastic but like all technology there is a sting in the tail. Must go now and pop the kettle on for a cuppa.

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