Hei Suomi! (Hello Finland!)

I have never been to Finland, though I am sure it is a nice place. Other than Helsinki, and the various battles fought over Karelia, I don’t know a great deal about it.

Checking my stats earlier, I noticed that someone in Finland had read four of my posts today. Or four people had read one each, I’m not sure.

So, whoever you are in Finland, I say Kiitos, (Thank you) and Kiitos kΓ€ynnistΓ€, tervetuloa uudestaan. (Please come again).

I do love the facility to see where the posts are read around the world, so I thought it was high time I started to show some appreciation.

Toivottaen, (Best wishes) Pete.

43 thoughts on “Hei Suomi! (Hello Finland!)

  1. Helsinki is not the best representation of Finland.It is a bit dry Turku was the original capital. More variety. The lakes, wild berries and country folk may interest you. Ask around to find the best places to visit,and really get a feel for the country.( Land of the lakes!)..

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