The Gloomsday Scenario

I was looking back over some old posts this evening, and found this one about the weather, and Global Warming. It is over six years old, but still strangely relevant, at least as far as life in Beetley is concerned.
Hardly any of you have seen it before, or commented previously.


When I was young, we used to be told of ‘The Doomsday Scenario’. This basically involved nuclear war between the West, and The Soviet Union. Despite a lot of rhetoric, and much commentary, this never happened. Instead, the reality is now the ‘Gloomsday Scenario’, and that is happening, as I write.

Over the last twenty years or so, we have heard from the Green lobby, and the other agencies concerned with ‘Global Warming’, about the evils of technology, and the combustion engine. The ‘Carbon Footprint’ has been synonymous with disregard for the environment, and we are made to feel guilty, for the use of every light bulb, or any journey involving foreign travel. When I retired, I expected that retirement to be in a haze of unrestricted UV waves, with sunshine warming my old bones, and the climate of the UK eventually resembling that of Sicily, or Arizona. I would…

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33 thoughts on “The Gloomsday Scenario

  1. Just want to see it my commenting is back to normal Pete. If so, the problem was with Gravatar. I needed to sign in, up-date and or save my profile and allow it for use anywhere I post or comment on WordPress. If not, its back to the drawing boards! Besties

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  2. I’ve got a feeling you were feeling gloomy when you wrote that rather grim piece . Since 1884 all of the UK’s ten warmest years have occurred since 2002 and we have to accept what the met office tell us. In 2018 in spite of The Beast from the East we had extreme heat and it was among those ten. I think often we remember the good old days , the long hot summer days of youth and our memories are tempered by our circumstances.
    As for global warming we can only agree with the expert consensus just as we can in a medical examination or if the mechanic tells us what needs doing to the car. Curiously even the experts are in the hands of other experts , its the very nature of civilisation. The government relies on its advisers as do the law courts , no man or woman is an island . When they climb Everest or go to the moon they are in the hands of advanced technology. Every member of extinction rebellion lives in the world of technology , it’s only the millions of extreme poor who have little to do with it but even they , as they turn over the rubbish heaps are reliant on the civilised world.

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    1. Thanks, FM. I was feeling cheated at the time, no doubt. Despite that average heat increase, I had moved to Norfolk into a world of rain and cloud that I hadn’t been expecting. And that rain has increased year on year ever since.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Global warming is a big issue but nobody cares about it much. If it rains or shines too much that’s when they remember to talk about it. Otherwise, it is unknown to people. Btw monsieur you just took my real issues quip’s this week’s content. I need compensation. 🧐🥺😜🙂✌I gotta think about something fast. Very fast.😢😭 Bad Pete.

    Btw just joking.

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      1. I know all about how our weather is damaged. The ozone layer is tearing and nobody cares. Wish we could be just more careful.

        I need compensation or I will sue you😜 ask me what I need my answer will make your day. Well, I hope it will. BUT I NEED COMPENSATION!!!!!!

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          1. The scariest, creepiest, craziest horror story. You gotta beat Stephen King in writing. I WANT HORROR STORIES although if I see my bestie’s face in the mirror horror would work perfectly on me but🙂✌😍 still, I need your horror story.

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  4. Interesting weather in your part of the world and very different from mine in St. Augustine, Florida. Here, it’s sunny nearly every day with temperatures right now in the comfortably warm range (occasionally hot, actually, but tempered by ocean breezes). Not that I’m a naysayer, though—my former state, Virginia, has had a very uncomfortable summer and fall. I never thought Florida weather would be so much better than Virginia’s and, in fact, twenty years ago it would not have been this way.

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  5. Where I live there are deniers….I tell them to try grow a crow like some fruit….and then tell me that mit is not a big deal……the weather changes effect how the fruit sets in its early stages. chuq

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