Postcards from Blogging Friends: Part Seven

I am very happy to feature Part Seven in this series, and to let you know that I have enough for a Part Eight too! I want to thank everyone who has taken the trouble to post these to me, and let everyone else know that it’s never too late to send me one. πŸ™‚

American blogger John Rieber sent me this classic tourist postcard from where he lives. Hollywood!

Pit from Texas sent me one of an angry rattlesnake. The card gives instructions on how to cook and eat the snake. Sadly, the US Postal Service obliterated this, with one of their ubiquitous stickers!

British blogger Janet went on holiday to the historic coastal town of Whitby. She sent me this classic tourist image of one of the town’s features.

Wilma had previously sent me a card from her home town of Chicago. When she went on a trip to Barcelona, she very kindly sent me another one.

It was nice of my good friend George Clooney to send me a card from Hollywood too. He is an actor of course, not a blogger. But it was still appreciated.

(Not a fake, honest!)

Next part coming soon, including something ‘Extra’!

61 thoughts on “Postcards from Blogging Friends: Part Seven

    1. No idea, MBB. Sometimes, the sticker is carefully placed, so as not to cover anything. In the cases where it ‘deliberately’ obscures the card or writing, I have to suspect that this is done maliciously. Perhaps a US Postal Official will see my posts, and explain it to me? πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. (1) Hitchcock went for 39 steps. Whitby opted for 199. Something wrong with 40 and 200? I mean it would be one small step for a man, one giant leap for round numbers!
    (2) I’ve been to Hollywood a few times. I never could locate the tinsel.
    (3) I could rattle on for hours about babies and snakes.
    (4) I spent a day in Barcelona back in 1992, just before the Olympics, waiting for Vicky and Cristina to show up. They didn’t.

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    1. Scottish author John Bucan thought of the 39 steps as the title for the original novel. He was convalescing at the seaside, Broadstairs, Isle of Thanet, Kent and apparently his little daughter counted the wooden steps down to the beach. Anyway, a cracking story that has inspired several films and a television series, but my favourite is the hilarious play with 4 actors playing 139 roles!

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    1. Thanks, Cindy. I am exceptionally pleased with the way people have taken to this, of course.
      More published today! πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete. x
      (The chapter of your book set in Berlin with Hero/Lang etc. OUTSTANDING!)


        1. I like it all so far, very much. (Almost halfway through) I just had to comment on that first Berlin chapter, as it was one of the best things I had read in decades. I felt as if I was there, with the characters. Exceptional. xx


  2. Great cards, I want to send one too, with a great Indian surrounding, I am sure the hungry Indian foodie would love it, wouldn’t you? I will try one in the new year. Going to ask my parents. 😁✌

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  3. Now my postcard has safely arrived I shall reveal my short story idea. A woman is found murdered in her home – her family totally perplexed as to who on earth would want to murder someone whose main interests are gardening and writing. The detective picks up a piece of paper left on the dining table and asks the husband ‘Do you know anyone called Pete Johnson in Norfolk?’
    ‘Never heard of him, don’t know anyone in Norfolk.’
    The detective radios back to the station – ‘Get onto Norfolk Police, see if this Pete Johnson is known to them, get someone round to his house… as soon as possible. ..

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