Code 8: A Short Film

Mt friend Antony sent me this 10-minute film.

It is a vision of the near-future, with people struggling to make a living, despite the possession of enhanced physical and mental powers.
The Police respond in kind, with draconian laws, and robotic cops delivered to crime scenes by drones. Surveillance is all, and nobody escapes…

This is an exceptionally well made film, in high definition. It is sadly all too short, and feels like a trailer to a longer film that would be a huge hit.

Just ten minutes, and worth your time, I assure you. Let me know what you think of it.
(You may need to turn up the volume. I had to)

21 thoughts on “Code 8: A Short Film

  1. Thanks for that, Pete: it’s well made, and very gripping, despite its short length. The YouTube page says it is a trailer for a film, but that was 2016, so I guess the film didn’t materialise? Shame, that. Cheers, Jon.

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