Cartographically challenged ~ Tallis Steelyard (aka Jim Webster) on tour with THREE new books…

Wonderful writing from ‘Tallis Steelyard’. (Jim Webster)
A feast of imagination, written in a unique style.
This is my kind of imaginary world!
Immerse yourself in the everyday life of Port Naain.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

People will remember that I do sometimes lecture at the University here in Port Naain, and over the years I must have taught numerous young people. Perhaps I ought to merely say that they were exposed to my wit and erudition. I’m not sure whether many of them learned anything. Still, there were some whom I felt would go a long way in life. Indeed I always felt that Illus Wheelburn was one of my more promising students.

But he expressed some dissatisfaction with the life of a poet. Frankly he felt that he couldn’t cope with the slow, irrevocable slide into penury. But still he was a genuine creative artist and needed to express himself. He wrote a little, published less, and in point of fact survived because people asked him to write letters for them. Not so much because of his eloquence as because he has nice handwriting…

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18 thoughts on “Cartographically challenged ~ Tallis Steelyard (aka Jim Webster) on tour with THREE new books…

    1. I used to read his stuff ages ago, when Kate McClelland reblogged it. Then she stopped blogging, and I forgot to catch up with Tallis. So now I follow his blog, and have bought some of his books cheap on Kindle. Many of the Port Naain tales are laugh-out-loud hilarious. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. If I ever get through the series I’m reading (at half a chapter a night it may take me some years 🙄 ) I will put him on my TBR list. Am not sure how it happened that I’ve gone from reading a book a week, to one every couple of months!

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