The Books of my Blogging Friends

I am always happy to buy most books published by my friends in this blogging community.

I never ask for free copies, but sometimes take them when available.
Mostly, I buy them. That way, I can review them as a ‘Verified Purchase’.

That’s a small price to pay (usually) to promote anyone I respect as a writer, and consider to be a friend.

But I thought I would add a note, for your information.

Just lately, I have purchased or pre-ordered quite a few of your books, albeit on Kindle editions only.
It is going to take some time to get to them all, in between the books I have bought that are not by bloggers.
I only read in bed at night, so how much I get through depends on how tired I am, and how early I go to sleep.

So just to let you know, in case you wonder why I haven’t reviewed them yet.

42 thoughts on “The Books of my Blogging Friends

  1. That’s very kind of you, Pete. So many worthy authors that don’t get enough attention. (Not talking about me, here. These days I’m more focused on reviewing books than on writing them, or at least publishing them). I know you have excellent taste, and like to read on a variety of subjects, and I know from personal experience that we end up accumulating so many books that sound amazing, that it might take us a long time to read them all. (I remember I read an article suggesting that people should also leave their reading lists and unread books as an inheritance… )

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  2. Pete! You might consider this a new trade – the book review business! I installed the Kindle reading app but I do have to sit here and read which is not easy at my desk for hours but I plan to read lots this coming winter. Mostly paperbacks. I love that you do this for all of us authors. You are a gem!

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  3. As long as you help them, promote them, it doesn’t matter Pete. I am so happy to see you support everyone. I am sorry I have been doomed these days. Sick and tired with a lot of stuff. I hope to start teasing you soon. πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜πŸ™‚βœŒ

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  4. I really miss reading. I used to read all the time, then my neck started going bad, so I have to limit time on the computer, or reading. Of course, I am alive and thankful! Visited and old book trading store about a month ago. The smell of the old paper back books brought back memories.

    That is very kind of you to review books on your blog.

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    1. Thanks, Ron. My bad eyesight stopped me reading regularly for a long time. Then I bought a Kindle Fire in 2018, and the illuminated screen made a huge difference. I have read 20+ books this year, including some fairly long ones.
      I still only ever read in bed though, a hard habit to break. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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