Ollie: An update

Well, as expected, Ollie does not have ringworm.

After some ‘moral blackmail’ from the Vet, I paid over £30 to have him tested, even though I was 100% convinced he didn’t have that.

28 days later, she rings me to confirm what I already knew. ‘Ker-ching!’

However, his fur is not growing back as quickly as I had hoped. His ‘crop-circles’ are still evident, though minus the sores he had before.

The Vet suggested it might be his age. He will be eight in February, quite old for his breed. She suggested I wait for another eight weeks, and if the regrowth is no better, bring him back.

I always care for Ollie, as you know. But I am reluctant to line the Vet’s pockets to be told it will get better in time.

So for those of you that worry about him, and I know there are many, he is doing fine. He eats his dinner, doesn’t scratch any more, and is happy to play with any dog he encounters over on his long walks.

And now I have the ‘all-clear’, he can go to the groomer in December, and have a nice wash and brush up, ready for Christmas.

Thanks to everyone who cares about Ollie, and asks after him.

He sends a curly tail wag to you all.

(This is an old photo. Ollie in the sea, just one year old)

73 thoughts on “Ollie: An update

  1. He’s a beauty boy. I’m glad he’s feeling better. I give my dog Dynavite and Licochops. (Stupid names, I know.) You have to order them from the Dynavite website. It’s a powder supplement and a liquid supplement. It has done wonders for my Blue Healer’s itching, scratching, chewing, hot spots and stinking. Thought I’d pass on the info even though it sounds like you have it under control. Pure breeds have so many more skin problems. My English Shepherd mix has a beautiful coat and no hot spots. She eats the same food as my Blue Healer minus the Dynavite and Lichochops.

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  2. I love my dogs, but they are damn expensive. Our vet, who is fantastic with the dogs, is always recommending one test after another. Oh, and come back in ten days and do it again. I’ve just learned that I occasionally have to say no. I, like many others, have fallen for Ollie. I’m glad he had given you such joy, Pete.

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  3. AWWWWW, he is getting better. 🤩😍😍 he will be fine, don’t worry. We all are praying for him. He will be happy and healthy. Do try aloe vera gel on the body. It is very good. If you don’t trust me, search on google. Take care and Do keep us updated. We love the curly-tailed cutie.❤😍😍😘😘

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  4. (1) As you know, Spider is interested in Sea Dogs. So that included Ollie, as well as Milou.
    (2) I’m sorry to hear that Ollie, the Sea Dog, often gets those crop circles. But I guess all Shar-Peis eventually find themselves in the same boat.

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  5. Pete, your intuition comes from spending time with Ollie and getting to know him…that’s much better medicine for him…so it sound like you may have a dog that’s balding in the strangest places! Glad to hear he’s not sore or scratching…

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  6. Glad to read the positive update on Ollie. Have you tried massaging the bald patches with virgin coconut oil? My sister and my niece both use it on their dogs and it even cleared up some kind of doggie excema my nephew’s dog had.

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Mary. Because Ollie has such sensitive skin, we tend to avoid anything new that might make if flare up. The Vet has suggested adding fish oils to his food, and we have started to do that. If it gets no better, I will give your oil a try.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  7. So glad to hear he is doing fine Pete. And I think the way you look after him is sterling.
    We got mightily fleeced by the vet we used for our 2 boys when they were ill, all sorts of unnecessary investigations to find out one of them had a bad tooth at one point! When we got Skye & Storm we found an independent Vet who was really good and only did what was necessary, and was upfront about costs and what was worth doing.

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  8. That is good news……damn even the Vets in the UK are cheaper than here……here is a thought….could it be something in the water he likes to wade in? Give him a good scratch from a friend in the US chuq

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    1. It is possible that the river water has something in it that doesn’t help. (Though it is quite clear. The photo above is an old one, when he was in the sea.)
      But keeping him out of the water would be unkind, after all these years. He loves his daily dip. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I was also thinking that there might be pollutants in the river, goodness knows what chemicals run off into it from the farmland. And the pure coconut oil that Mary suggested could be worth trying. My son used it on their prem baby to keep his skin clear.

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        1. Thanks, Jude. The river is small and fast flowing. It is also usually very clear, and has lots of fish in it. See my reply to Mary about the Coconut Oil. I will certainly think about it. 🙂
          Best wishes, Pete. x


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