A Domestic Update

After my recent post about being disrupted by the arrival of the painter today, it seems that the disruption was not as bad as I anticipated.

With everything piled into the middle of the living room and covered in dustsheets, I have been exiled into the office since 8:30. That meant an early trip to the supermarket, to get out of the way, and a slightly longer dog walk for Ollie after that.

Julie went into the bedroom to listen to music on her phone, and I was unable to sit and watch the midday news whilst eating my sandwich, as is my habit.

Otherwise, we have no curtains at the windows until later this week, and will probably be spending more time in the kitchen. Whether or not I will be able to get anything on the TV later, after having to disconnect the aerial, that remains to be seen. I had forgotten just how many wires sit unseen behind the unit that the TV stands on. Moving it right out this morning, I was actually surprised by the amount of cabling required to be able to watch stuff. There is the TV of course, then the Blu-Ray player. Add to that the streaming box, the PVR cabling, and lots of extra bits for a device that boost the signals, and there is enough electronic gadgetry there to facilitate the 1969 Moon landing, I’m sure.

One family member was very disrupted though. Poor Ollie the dog had his world turned upside down. His toy box had to be stored in another room, and he was unable to lie against the wall until we went out, as he usually does. Having to go out of the front door, along the side of the garage, then back in through the kitchen door confused him completely. Every time he followed me outside, he thought we were going out for our walk.

His frequent disappointment had to be seen to be believed.

This evening, I have to get at least one sofa out of its covers to sit on, and try to get something working on the TV. I suspect a very early night is in the offing.

But the main job will be trying to keep Ollie away from the walls, without shutting him in the kitchen. If we did that, he would think he was being punished for something, and wouldn’t understand.

The painter tells me he might have to give the woodwork a second coat on Thursday, so only three more days to go…

63 thoughts on “A Domestic Update

      1. Sorry, the time difference makes me go bonkers. I am glad you are still normal. If I had renovation going on, I would bang my head on the painted wall. Lucky me…no renovationπŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ€ͺ😁

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  1. You beat me to it…LOL I was going to ask how the painting is going…..poor Ollie…dogs are a create of habit and anything that disturbs that will mess with their ‘chi’….very disruptive to their “mellow”….chuq

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  2. It is disrupting for everybody, but I had never thought about our furry friends before. It must be really confusing. And I totally agree on the cables front as well. Although it does not feel as if my parents’ apartment was that old, we had to go through a rewiring process just to have enough sockets for the things we need, and that’s considering we are low on gadgets compared to many places. But of course, 15 or 20 years ago we didn’t have even a tenth of all the things we use now… I hope the disruption is kept to a minimum for all involved and you’re all happy with the end result (although I suspect Ollie will not mind one way or another). πŸ˜‰

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  3. I used to paint houses in the summer to pick up some extra cash, Pete, but after doing the interior of my place a few months ago, I have concluded that I am putting up my brushes and rollers for good. It’s time to let someone else have a turn on the ladder.

    Don’t get high on all those paint fumes. I don’t know if your weather is conducive, but I would try to air your house out a bit when you can.

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    1. We had windows open, Pete, despite the cold. We have some small windows open all-year round anyway, as I don’t like that ‘vacuum-packed’ feeling. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. Poor Ollie. I’ve wished so many times I could explain things to my 4-legged family! I still smile when I think of the way Meli used to show her dissatisfaction in similar situations: by lying down and letting out frequent deep sighs, seemingly from the bottom of her soul, while giving us puppy eyes. I could practically feel her shake her head at us in disappointment…

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  5. Someone once told me about a painter and decorator who had to go in a care home because he had dementia. The staff were at their wits end with him because he kept moving all the furniture into the middle of the room and covering it with the bedsheets. True and sad, but quite amusing.

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