Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

A Heavy Cold

All I could think about today was the fact that I have had a bloody awful heavy head cold since Wednesday.

I presume that having to sit with no heating on and windows open when the living room was being painted made me susceptible.
A niggly sore throat on Wednesday morning soon turned into hot watery eyes, sneezing, and occasional fits of coughing.

That night, it was hard to sleep, so I started taking regular doses of tablets to reduce the effect of the symptoms.

Three days later, and it shows no sign of improving, or going away. At least it isn’t Flu, as I don’t have any aches and pains.

What I was actually thinking about was how quickly we forget what it was like before the cold overwhelmed us.

It seems as if I have always had this, and it is impossible to remember when I felt perfectly fine on Tuesday.

I know, it’s just a cold. No big deal. It will pass soon, hopefully.

But it got me thinking.

86 thoughts on “Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

    1. I left a message. (It didn’t appear, probably ‘awaiting moderation’.)
      I am most honoured (correct spelling, if you are English) to be mentioned on your blog, and doubly delighted to read how well you used the word ‘Niggly’. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Wrap up warm and take it easy. I think I got the beginnings of a sore throat (it was very windy on Thursday, and I managed to misplace my mother and aunt somehow while our for a walk, so I was out in the cold wind for far too long. Not to worry, they are both fine and they had more common sense than to keep looking for me, but I must train my mother to check her phone every so often…)
    Take care.

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  2. Bed rest — plenty of liquids — follow doctors instructions to the letter — wash hands often — avoid crowds — room moisturizer if available — hot towels from time to time for comfort — get well soon my friend …

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  3. Sorry you are feeling rough, Pete. A bad cold is miserable. I had one about three weeks ago. The congestion lingered for two weeks. Perhaps your wife might make you some chicken soup. I’ve even made my own a few times when I was sick. It does wonders.
    Feel better soon,

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  4. I’m sorry to hear about your sufferings generally you are three days getting it three days with it and three days getting rid of it. I generally spend the worst time sleeping in an armchair as being upright eases the coughing. We were considered to be old enough to be vaccinated against pneumonia.

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  5. Colds are annoying. With the flu, you tell life’s responsibilities and obligations you need a time out. But with a cold, you plod through feeling ineffective and miserable because you aren’t sick enough. Hope your cold is over soon.

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  6. Hope you’re better soon. My dad always said you had to keep a cold for seven days – so you’re almost there. You say you forget how it felt before you had your cold and once you have shaken it off you’ll soon forget how miserable it made you feel.

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  7. Hope you feel better soon, Pete.
    The easiest way I know if I have the flu or a cold is: with a cold, it comes on gradually & there is no fever. A flu comes on usually in 3 hours and brings a fever.

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  8. Sucks being sick when it is cold outside just seems to make the symptoms worse…..take care and get plenty of rest and fluids…..take 2 aspirins and call me in the morning (sorry could not resist)…..chuq

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  9. I dread colds as I have a reduced airway and then sometimes have to take steroids. I’ve helped myself this year by eating one or two oranges every day. This seems to have done the trick, as (touch wood) I’ve had no colds this year so far. Hope you feel better soon.

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