A Domestic Positive

Unusually for me, I have something very positive to write about.

On Wednesday morning, we were due to have the carpet fitted in our living room. This has been outstanding since March, as we were waiting for the decorating to be completed.

Given the recent trials and tribulations on the home front, I woke up with a sense of dread. Would the carpet arrive? Will there be numerous issues?

Will it even be fitted?

Things didn’t start off well. One man arrived, and there should have been two. It’s a pretty big room, 25 by 15 feet.
He wasn’t aware that the room would be full of furniture, so I had to help him shift it.
(Not a simple task for me, given my age, and physical ability.)

Then he realised that we already had very good carpet underlay in place, much like the Β£248 worth he had on board that I had paid for.

Frantic phone calls to the shop later, he spoke to them and told them that there was no need to replace perfectly good underlay with exactly the same thing.
As well as that, it would save him a great deal of time, and as he was a self-employed contractor, that was a good thing. The other good thing was that I got the Β£248 refunded to my account, and he took away the new underlay that was no longer required.

After a cup of coffee, he set to the job with obvious skill. I had to help him shift heavy and large items of furniture back and forth, reminding me how weak I am now, since Statins ruined my arm muscles. But his thirty years of experience showed, and before too long we had a perfectly-carpeted living room, with the old carpet cut up and taken away for removal.

Once he had packed up and left, we were able to tidy up, and by 4 pm, the room was restored to how it used to look, albeit with different coloured walls, and carpet.

After all the decorating, the washing machine breaking down, and various other niggles, I was finally happy to sit and relax in what once again felt like home.

Life can be bad sometimes. But not always.

84 thoughts on “A Domestic Positive

  1. Part of the joy of finishing is looking at the completed project with satisfaction, but the real bonus in knowing you won’t have to deal with that issue for a while.

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  2. Great post Pete πŸ™‚ Glad to hear that you had a streak of good luck there πŸ™‚ You deserve it and I also hope you live till you are 100 or more because you one of my many favorite bloggers πŸ™‚ Also wonderful to hear that you 248 pounds back in your account πŸ™‚ Anyway, keep up the great work as always πŸ™‚

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  3. One time the carpet fitter arrived at our tiny flat with his Dutch girlfriend. With the lounge being the room to be fitted we didn’t know where to put her – in the kitchen or the bedroom? We made her coffee and offered our scintillating conversation, but she looked pretty bored. We wondered if the fitter had any better entertainment planned for her holiday to England!

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  4. Wonderful news. Clearly it’s because you had a carpet fitter who hailed from Dumfries – a Doonhamer. Although, the doon part means down and folk from Dumfries working in Glasgow said they were going ‘doon hame’ (down home) for the weekend so I suppose your carpet fitter would have to say up hame.

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  5. I wake up with feelings of dread these days as well… and I wish it was only about the carpet. :/ Life is but a matter of comparative perspectives.

    But tomorrow is Turkey Day here!

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