Looking back on Fiction: The latest serial

My recent serial, ‘Russian Sector’ concluded yesterday. Later this week, I will compile all 27 parts into one story, for those who prefer to read it all at once.

This was my first attempt at ‘Historical Fiction’, albeit modern history, from 1945-1990.

Choosing that genre came with its own challenges. Research is critical, making sure that dates and places are accurate, names are valid, and events around the characters actually happened.

Trying to put myself into the mind of someone born in 1935, seeing the fall of Berlin ten years later, then growing up under a Socialist regime in the former East Germany, that was a challenge too. When we write characters, we sometimes include a little of ourselves in one or more of them. Whether we do this deliberately or subconsciously, it does happen. However, this could not be allowed in an historical context, so I had to re-think how I would approach it.

The real-life aspects of much of the story also meant that I could not inject the twists that are usually so much a part of any story I write.

Despite all this, I am happy to report that this was actually my most widely read/viewed serial so far. It enjoyed a regular daily view in excess of 80, sometimes higher, and engagement in the comments was very satisfying indeed. And it has encouraged me to experiment with genres outside of my usual comfort zone in the future.

As always, my thanks to everyone who read the serial, left a comment, and shared on other platforms.

Best wishes to everyone, Pete.

35 thoughts on “Looking back on Fiction: The latest serial

  1. You have, as I have mentioned in earlier series, a real skill at character development. With Manfred you got to really showcase that skill without needing any gimmicks, twists, mayhem or murders.(Not that I mind the stories with those elements.) Well done.

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