Guest Posts for 2020

This is a reminder that you can always send a guest post for publication on this blog. Alternatively, if you already have a post that needs a wider audience, I will consider reblogging that if you send me a link.

If you are a follower, or follow someone else in the same community, I will be happy to feature you here.

I will also happily promote the book of any blogger who has published one, but will NOT advertise sales or services.

It works like this.

*Send the text of your guest post to me at
*Include a short personal bio, and your personal photo, if you wish.
*Include FULL LINKS to any sites such as your blog, website, or Amazon. (For books)
*Try to keep the post UNDER 2,000 words.

***No 18+ or NSFW material please, this is a general blog***

Send any photos (such as book covers) separately, and please reduce the file size to save on my space allowance.

*I will not edit the material (except for swearing or sexual references) and it can be on any subject you choose.
*It will potentially be seen by over 5,000 followers, as well as being shared on Twitter.
*It will not be deleted, so will remain here as long as this blog exists.

There is no time limit to this offer, which has absolutely no strings attached.
All I ask is that you reply to all comments on the post, and engage with any readers.

I just want to expand this great community of bloggers, and this is one of the best ways I know how to do that.

If you would like to see some previous guest posts, here’s a link.

32 thoughts on “Guest Posts for 2020

  1. Pete i too offer guest posts but was dismayed when so few people took up my offers as soon as I get back home again I will take you up on your kind offer. I’ll also be accepting blogs in a months time. I shall tell peop,e about yours as I live your daily stories.

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