In case I go missing…

After a lot of very frustrating fiddling around with WordPress today, I finally managed to access the ‘Live Chat’ feature with their help desk that comes with my paid plan.
I explained the issues, and got this.

Ok thanks. We were experiencing some issues earlier today which could be related to that but they should be resolved now. Have you tried within the last half hour or so?
This seems to be related to the cookie information and or cache in your browser. By testing in the incognito window it uses a fresh browser with no cookies or cache. By logging out and logging back in it will refresh the cookies for in your browser.

If that doesn’t work it may be required to clear the cache and cookies in the browser

I was also directed to log in using an ‘Incognito’ window. That worked, and I was able to leave a test comment elsewhere.

I now have to log off the WordPress platform, and clear the cookies and cache.

I have low confidence that I will ever be allowed back.

So if that happens, it was nice knowing you all. ๐Ÿ™‚

73 thoughts on “In case I go missing…

  1. I will miss you horribly Pete if you donโ€™t come back! We only just got to โ€knowโ€ each itger but we had fun, and I felt you to be a goid friend. It was you who got me writing fiction again, after a long time. And it seems to be paying off. ok so we will send out a search party for you, you canโ€™t keep us hanging un suspenders like this! We need to know what happened to Mike!

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    1. Thanks for those kind words, dear Lorraine.
      I am back, at least for now, but no episode of the serial until tomorrow, as I went to the cinema.
      (Of course we are good friends!)
      Best wishes, Pete. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Lol Pete. I read that on your blog later today. I looked the film up and it looks a good one. I must try and get it when I can. Maybe some time you might let us know if it was good or not!

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    1. Yes, just. I went to see ‘1917’, then had dinner when I got home. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I appear to be able to comment on other posts, but I am not trying any more until tomorrow.
      (I didn’t get one from you, despite re-following.)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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        1. It’s very well done in terms of atmosphere and sets. The trenches, landscape, etc. And the way it is filmed from the perspective of just two soldiers is something different. But if you have seen as many war films as I have, it’s nothing new. I will review it soon.

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  2. That’s useful to know – thanks for sharing.
    Phil’s comments were showing up as anonymous on my blog a while ago, but we’d thought the problem was at his end – it has since resolved itself. I prefer Chrome anyway; it has features Edge doesn’t that I’ve got used to using, but I forget about being able to log in incognito to diagnose if cookies are the problem. Thanks for the heads-up.

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                1. It is filmed mainly from the POV of just two soldiers. As if we are standing behind them, or right next to them. Very ‘intimate’. It also has a ‘one-take’ feel, though it wasn’t filmed in one take. Clever.

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