53 thoughts on “Energy Drinks: A Worrying Video

  1. I usually have one or two ginger ale drinks in case someone feels ill, but that’s it for carbonated drinks. I steer clear of caffeine as much as possible, so I would never have these drinks in my home. I must say, though, Pete, some of these experiments do not look plausible to me. I will be watching to see the results of Elizabeth’s tests. (I know hubby has often used a coke to clean the battery terminals on a car, though.)

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    1. I have no doubt that much of what we are seeing in the video is very clever ‘tricks’. However, it is still fun to watch, and if it helps to warn people off of those (proven to be) dangerous drinks, that’s okay by me.
      Leave a very old coin in a drink like this, or coke, overnight, and it is bright and shiny the next day. You can also use sodas to clean a toilet, so there has to be something worrying about them, surely? 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Mixed with the food we eat, carbonized drinks are a big cause of obesity and stomach issues. According to Ayurveda, these are slow poison. Imagine, you can clean a toilet to sparkle if you pour your favourite Cola or Pepsi, a feat that usually requires Acid. What it must do our system when absorbed with blood

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  3. Diet Coke gave me crashing headaches more than 10 years ago. I quit drinking all carbonated stuff then. Never tried monster, Red Bull, any of those. Just water, tea, coffee drinker anymore.

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    1. You have a new gravatar image. 🙂

      I sometimes drink ‘Pepsi Max’, which is a sugar-free cola. But only when it is very hot outside. I once tried some ‘Red Bull’, and found it overwhelmingly sweet. The bottom line is that those ‘energy drinks’ are just plain dangerous.

      Best wishes, Pete.

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            1. I also thought it was 100% true, when I saw it on John’s blog. But I looked up the name much later, after I reblogged the post. I decided not to take down the post, due to the ‘message’ about the chemicals in those drinks.

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  4. Never touch ’em, Pete. I’ve had concerns about my heart latterly [luckily, nothing worrisome to date] so I don’t want to subject it to undue strain! I do risk a ‘normal’ coffee occasionally, but most of the time, both my coffee & tea are decaffeinated. Cheers, Jon.

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