A Very Short Moan Concerning Weather

Just after 5 pm last night, it started to rain in Beetley. Not torrential, but enough to be heard on the windows and roof. Enough to wet the grass, and the paths around the house. Nothing unusual there, and as we had enjoyed three days with no rain at all, I wasn’t that depressed about it.

Just before dinner, I watched the local news on TV. At the end of that, a lady weather forecaster came on to give the weather news for this part of Britain.
“A cloudy night, with a minimum temperature of 2 C in rural areas. At least it will be dry, with no chance of any rain”.

As you might imagine, it enraged me to watch such a totally inaccurate forecast, when I could still see the rain hitting the windows, and hear it too.

Much later, I went to bed, and checked my Tablet before going to sleep. Before closing it, I looked at the BBC Weather App, whilst listening to the rain hitting the roof.

Beetley, Norfolk.



0 chance of precipitation

Those people must be cracking up with laughter at what fools they think we are.

76 thoughts on “A Very Short Moan Concerning Weather

  1. If you had chickens you would know about rain-I am serious, for they enter their house before rain gets here. They do not do so is it is a passing shower!! True story. What is most confusing about forecasts is that they have doppler radar. I have heard them say clear when you look at the radar image you SEE it! there as well as outside your window! true story again! ha! fondly, Michele

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  2. Ours is fairly predictable this time of the year….even the weather man cannot screw it up…..3-4 cool weather…..2-4 days of warmer temps…..rain and fog thrown in just to keep is on our toes…..I walk MoMo early morn…..4 days ago it was 20 deg the day before was 76……ain’t Winter fun? chuq

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      1. I wish we could get a stretch where we know how to dress……either you have too much on or not enough…..MoMo does not care her walk will happen rain or shine……although she is not too thrilled with a walk in heavy rain….neither am I LOL chuq

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  3. As I listen to UK radio on my phone I’m privy to the daily weather forecast, and I think its safe to say the weather over here is far better than over there πŸ™‚ It might be a tad colder and we get the occasional snow, but wind and rain seem to be rare. I like it πŸ™‚

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      1. I believe the national average for rain is the same as the UK or thereabouts, but we get a lot of that falling as snow, and this year we are still waiting, if we have had a couple of inches so far I would be exaggerating. Coupled with a few dry summers and we are officially in drought πŸ™‚

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  4. Enraged? I think the weather gods and weather forecasters are conspiring against you, Pete. You should send them a picture of you standing out in the 0% of precipitation. Don’t take this lying down!😎

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  5. Here it is really cold, even in Florida. At the gym I saw a warning on the news for Florida to be wary of falling iguanas. Thought it was a joke, but came home and found my husband talking to a colleague in Florida. Turns out it is really cold there and iguanas literally fall out of trees! Cold but not dead.

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  6. You possibly know the joke [I may have told it here before] about the weather forecaster who started his forecast this way: “Before I give you the forecast for tomorrow, I’d like to correct the one for today and apologize for yesterday’s.” πŸ˜€

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      1. Well, you might also do what a skipper of mine. At that time we had sought shelter in the harbour of Tarifa near Gibraltar because there was a storm of about 10 Beaufort blowing. We had daily telephone contact with the weather forecaster for sailors in Kiel, Germany [German Seaweather Forecast], and he told us that down in Tarifa there were “light winds”. Our skipper just laughed at him, asked “Do you want to hear ‘light winds’?” and held the phone out of the deck house into the cockpit. The answer from Kiel, “Oh, that must be VERY local!”

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      1. We also had our first rain a few weeks ago…the first rain in SIX MONTHS. And it dipped below 50 last week at night as well…trust me Pete, these things cause the entire system here to collapse…no one knows how to drive in the rain and cold!

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      1. hi Pete. i hope we continue to enjoy the mild winter we’re having right now. i’m now officially retired and been so busy transitioning and sorting things out. hopefully, when the dust is settled, i’ll get back to the swing of things, blogging included. many thanks!

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  7. I’ve more or less given up listening to the weather forecast. They don’t seem to get any more accurate,despite all their hi-tech equipment than the old sayings about red skies in the morning or night and sun before 7, rain before 11.

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  8. We once had a radio forecaster who would give us the percentage prediction for rain, then end it saying β€œunless it is raining where you are and then there is 100% chance”.

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  9. Over here in the States, I believe the weather forecasters must stick their fists outside an open window before they go on the air because the open window is far more superior as a weather indicator than a billion dollars worth of electronic crap could ever hope to be.

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  10. Sounds like you might have a micro climate there! We have a micro climate here on the Gower Peninsula and our weather is quite often different from the surrounding area.
    For the first time in ages, we’ve had a week without wind and rain. I’d had enough of dog walks being a joyless battle through storms, and this quiet week would have been an opportunity for some really enjoyable walks – but wouldn’t you know, the dog has developed an infection in her joints, so we’re confined to barracks. Sod’s law.

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