Friday On My Mind

It only dawned on me a few hours ago that today is Friday.

Are you old enough to remember this song from 1966?

No? What about this one, from 1992?

Both songs are celebrating ‘Friday’. That last day of the working week for most people. The day when school is finished until Monday, and the weekend begins in earnest.

Until I started working shifts in 1979, Friday was always something to look forward to. When I was young, I was allowed to stay up a bit later, as there was no school on Saturday. Then when I was old enough to have a regular girlfriend, it was the night to go for a drink with friends, getting a jump on the weekend activities to come.

Once I was older, and married, it was often the night we would go out to eat. A Friday night Indian meal, or perhaps a Chinese. Something spicy and different, after a week of home-cooked food. Alternatively, it might be a trip to the Cinema, on a night when it wasn’t as busy as it would be on the Saturday.

Whatever we did, it always came with that ‘Friday Feeling’, knowing we had two clear days ahead to do what we wanted, even if we didn’t actually do anything with them.

By the time I was just 26, I was working three out of four Fridays, and the same with Saturdays too. It didn’t take long for Friday to start to feel like any other day for me. But I didn’t forget that good feeling from before, and 42 years later, I can still recall the excitement of a Friday night.

I hope you all have (or already have had) a wonderful Friday!

61 thoughts on “Friday On My Mind

        1. We get deliveries from Amazon up to 9 pm, 7 days a week. One driver told me he had to deliver 180 packages in one day, and it took him 14 hours. I agree that they probably don’t get a fair wage.
          Best wishes, Pete.


  1. I think I’ve said in a comment on another of your posts that I still enjoy the weekend, Pete; I always do my ‘food shop’ on a Friday morning, and it starts the weekend very nicely for me! Talking of Bowie, a much missed music genius, I heard another great track on the radio this morning, that I’ve not heard for ages: Blue Jean [did he mean the garment or the girl, I wonder?], and I’d forgotten how good it is. Cheers, Jon.

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    1. I found this, on ‘Songfacts’.
      ‘Bowie described this Eddie Cochran-inspired single in a 1987 interview as “a piece of sexist rock ‘n roll. [laughs] It’s about picking up birds. It’s not very cerebral, that piece.”
      The bass guitarist miming in the video is Richard Fairbrass, who seven years later would find fame as a member of Right Said Fred (“I’m Too Sexy”).’

      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Thanks for the info, Pete. To be honest, I couldn’t make out many of the words, so I just appreciated the groove of the song, which is pretty good, I think, especially the sax [possibly Bowie himself?] Cheers, Jon.

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  2. Whilst it means little nowadays I remember the anticipation and excitement of Friday nights well.
    Love the tracks, I’m trying to remember if its the Bowie or Moore that I had in my head, I will have a listen again later.

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  3. I have a traditional job and always look forward to Friday, in fact at this very moment I am teaching my last class, the students are reading, and so am I. The bell will ring in an hour and I will be free to be for the entire weekend! And I am absolutely planning on dining out! TGIF!

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    1. Look further down in the comments, and you will also find versions by David Bowie and Gary Moore. It was a huge hit here when I was in my teens.
      (You are far too young to remember it, dear Kim)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. I always look forward to Friday, Pete. It is nice to [usually] have a break from work for a few days. It doesn’t always work out like that and sometimes I have to work over weekends but it doesn’t involve sitting in traffic to get to the office and I can do the work in my own time, so it is still better. Happy Friday to you too.

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  5. In Pakistan and Afghanistan Friday was our day off. In Pakistan we usually finished at lunchtime on Thursday so had one and half days off. It took me a while to get used to that – and a while to get back into the way of weekends when I came home!

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  6. Excellent reminiscing of a time when we were younger and time moved leisurely so that we could savor it, or even curse it for being so slow. An eight or nine hour workday seemed like it would never end and, from Friday’s perspective, Monday was a distant mirage. I like both songs very much.

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    1. The second clip will not play for me, Pete. Might be restricted by country or perhaps my iPad is causing a problem. The first song I remember very well. I loved Friday’s more than any day of the week!

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          1. Ooh, what a good boy you are! Sam is at work full time, so I like to catch up on Fridays and then it leaves us with a free weekend. Sometimes we’ll go off to the van if the weather is nice, but we have our grandson’s 5th birthday party to attend this Sunday,

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  7. Today, I’ll be going to an upscale nightclub atop the Paris Las Vegas resort on the Las Vegas Strip. I’m delivering (5 pm) and picking up (10 pm) banners, posters, magazines, and awards. So it will be an unusual Friday!

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