The Ghost Ball

Last night, I had trouble getting off to sleep. Although I went to bed just after midnight, I had that feeling that sleep wasn’t going to come. Besides being unable to get the right level of heat in the bed, (too warm under the covers, too cold out of them) there was the constant sound of large numbers of geese flying overhead, honking away like car horns in some foreign city.

The geese were on the move, presumably heading away from whatever weather they dislike, to somewhere warmer and more suitable for their winter break.

By the time that aerial orchestra had stopped, I was half-sitting up, wide-awake, wondering whether or not to abandon attempts at sleep, and just get up again. Propped on my right elbow, in complete darkness, I suddenly heard a sound that I wasn’t expecting. The sound of a single ‘bounce’; unmistakably a ball, and almost certainly a tennis ball. That was followed by a slight impact on the top of my chest, through the duvet. It was enough to make me jump.

Then there was the sensation of a ball rolling down my side over the bedclothes, before coming to a stop resting against my left hip. Despite being aware that nobody else was in the bedroom, and that it was highly unlikely that someone could have thrown or hit a tennis ball into my bedroom, it was such a real sensation, that I put the bedside light on, to check if there was actually a ball beside me on the bed.

There was no ball there. I hadn’t really expected there to be one, but I had to look.

Regular readers will know that I do not believe in things like spirits, religion, the afterlife, and all things connected to those.

But not only did I clearly hear that bounce, I felt the ball too.

70 thoughts on “The Ghost Ball

  1. I sometimes experience ghost cat landings. Back when I had a cat before I moved to the UK and had to leave him with my mum in South Africa he used to jump through my window and land on my bed. I often experience the feeling of that landing while I am lying in bed and then remember he is long passed on. Maybe he’s watching over me.

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  2. Sleep deprivation can lead to tactile hallucinations (along with other types of hallucinations). The people I’ve spoken to who experience this usually believe they have bugs crawling on them, most often their faces, especially people that harbor a fear of an experience like that. Another common tactile hallucination is thinking someone is tapping you on the shoulder or the top of your head. If this kind of thing happens to you often, you should consider recording yourself sleeping or trying to sleep, with visual and audio.

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  3. You Stated — “Regular readers will know that I do not believe in things like spirits, religion, the afterlife, and all things connected to those.”

    My Response — None of those have anything to do with a ball. We have you and a ball, none of which relate to religion, the afterlife or spirits (unless spirits are known for tennis balls or that sort of thing)

    The real question is why you and why a ball. There is no need to guess at what caused the situation since that is an unknown but if a part of your body can feel something then that something can be obtained (it’s tangible).

    I say the experience is valid but the participation abrupt. If you can find yourself lucky enough to return to such an interesting situation please join in. Leave the light off and send out a hand or two to retrieve the ball. There may be some rules to this that we are not aware of. Maybe if you participate the ball is yours.

    Whatever it is you experienced it seems to me that the ball is the focus, you just need to get your hands on it. Once you do that I bet you will be much closer to a real answer. Just leave the light off and reach out, it’s not like you believe in ghosts and goblins so what is there to fear?

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    1. I have had this, and the vision of my grandmother when she died. Two things in a whole lifetime. It is weird, but not yet enough proof for me to change my inner feelings about such things.
      Thanks, Jennie.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. Hmmmm. Well, who knows? I hope it was a ghost dog who knew you are the best dog owner on the planet, so he wanted to play a bit. Let us know if it happens again. Sounds like that strange occurance where you dreamt you were in Madison, Wisconsin but had never been there before.

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  5. That is very strange indeed. Are you sure you don’t have a tennis-playing spirit around? πŸ˜‰ I’ve had a few similar experiences after my dog and cat had passed over the Rainbow Bridge, where I would feel my bed shake as if a cat or dog had jumped on it but there was nothing there.

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    1. This house was built in 1979. Before that, it was a woodland area. The original owner sold it in 1989, and moved into a care home. Them man who sold it to us is still around,, and lives 3 miles away , with his wife and daughter. So it’s not as if it is an old property that people have died in. And I don’t know anyone I have lost who ever played tennis.
      It’s a strange one Jeanne. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. How weird! I was once sitting in our car at night with the window down, outside an isolated church. I suddenly felt something hit the left hand side of my face. I automatically put my hand up to get rid of whatever ut was, but there was nothing there. I then automatically thought β€œbat”, then that scared me because I then thought β€˜rabies.” I know not many bats in our country carry rabies, but some round here are the sort that do, daubentines. And there was water nearby. So I tried to find out if I had a bite as apparently you can have been bitten wuthout knowing. I drove myself mad worrying, especially as at the same time as I was hit there was a hissing noise! Apparently mad bats can hiss! I didn’t know what to do. No bite to be seen, but just a scratch, hubby said. Anyway, I just waited……..a d waited…………,and waited. Would I suddenly go down with rabies? And what about that hiss?

    Well, that was over two years ago, and I am still here today- if a bit mad! Lol. And as for the hiss – hubby was opening a can of fizzy pop at the moment I got hit! Was that a ghost….lor what? πŸ˜€

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      1. Lol. The church is tiny and actually doesn’t have bats as they constantly check for the,. However, you know what it is like at night and your imagination runs wild πŸ˜€

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  7. That’s very intriguing, Pete. Probably a simple coincidence [I wouldn’t dream of suggesting that we are somehow currently in a timeframe that is more conducive to these apparently metaphysical events] but a couple of weeks ago, during the day, I was assisting a friend [of which I freely admit I have few!] with a DIY job; I was drilling through a small hole through a metal tube frame, and my pal was at my side holding the frame; I was concentrating very hard on the job for obvious reasons when something hit me on the side of the head, above my left ear – not hard, thankfully, but hard enough to know something had made contact. It felt a bit like a light slap, but I know it wasn’t my pal, and I would swear to it in court! I stopped drilling, and my friend had heard the noise, albeit not loud, but although we checked the floor, there was nothing lying there that could have hit me. Neither of us could explain it, and luckily nothing like it has happened since, but it was most odd! Cheers, Jon.

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  8. There is a spirit world, Pete, and this proves it. I sat up and put the light on one night and there was somebody sitting on the end of my bed. I didn’t recognise her, but she was smiling at me. She looked a bit like my oncologist, so I assumed I’d be alright. She disappeared and I turned the light off again and went back to sleep.

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      1. When I started work at the hospital I was a ward clerk, and got to know many nurses. Some of them told me how they had been with a patient at the time of death and seen the person’s spirit leave the body, and how some patients would see deceased relatives waiting for them. Spooky, eh?

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