Space Force!

The Space Force! It must be here, they have a badge!

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A Serious Lack Of Imagination!

By now most will be aware that we have a new a separate military branch, the Space Force…..and just last week the new “logo” was released…..

Notice anything?

The Pentagon’s new US Space Force is not Star Trek’s Starfleet Command, but their logos bear a striking similarity, the AP reports. President Trump unveiled the Space Force logo Friday, writing on Twitter that he had consulted with military leaders and designers before presenting the blue-and-white symbol, which features an arrowhead shape centered on a planetary background and encircled by the words, “United States Space Force” and “Department of the Air Force.” The logo, which bears the date 2019 in Roman numerals, also is similar in design to that of Air Force Space Command, from which Space Force was created by legislation that Trump signed in last month. (See a comparison of the Space Force logo and…

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24 thoughts on “Space Force!

  1. I have to consider my words very carefully when expressing a view about Trump. I dislike ad hominem attacks, but he makes it very hard to resist! I suppose the politest thing to say would be that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but what annoys me is the arrogance by which any nation assumes unilaterally that it has dominion over space! It almost makes me yearn for an extra-terrestrial intervention to show him the error of his ways……. 😉 Cheers, Jon.

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    1. I can’t look at him without laughing at his hair and facial expressions. I have no real opinion about US politics, as the Democrats are not much better, but at least Mr T makes me chuckle.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Great!Lol i cant imagine very well,but now the space is the new meeting point of our statesmen. By the way, Bavaria tries to establish a different space agency, different to the German project. 😉 I asking myself how they will bring all the brezzels into the space. Lol Michael

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