Photos and Fiction: A Request

My latest fiction serial is now drawing to a close. When it has finished, I am going to try to attempt more photo-prompt short stories for a while.
I have posted some previously, here is a link to give you an idea.

So my request is to any follower or reader who would like to challenge me to make up a story based on a photo of theirs. It can be a photo of anything, except a sexually explicit one, or one containing anything liable to cause offence on a general blog.

It has to be your own photo, for copyright reasons.

And the file size should be reduced, to save on my space allowance.

I will attempt to write a story based on any photo I am sent, within reason. (Abstracts might be a stretch)
If I can’t think of anything, I will feature the photo anyway, and admit defeat!

Please send me the photo as an email attachment, to
Don’t forget to include your name or blog name, so I can give you full credit, as everyone who responds will naturally be credited as the photographer.

The photo must be able to be copied and saved. If it is ‘protected’, I won’t be able to show it on the blog.

Thanks in anticipation, Pete.

46 thoughts on “Photos and Fiction: A Request

    1. I have already been sent quite a few!
      Looks like I will be busy over the weekend. πŸ™‚
      You could send me that one of you outside Kings’ house, I could definitely make up a story about that.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Photos are a good way into something. I have some that I was going to use for the front cover of my next book of poems, but would love to see a story on one of them. Nice to see what other people see in things!

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