In a better light

Another reblog, this time from 2015. Hard to believe it was almost five years ago…If you were not following my blog back then, it should be new to you.


We are finally seeing the arrival of β€˜good light’, here in Norfolk. The low winter sun has departed, and with it, the harsh blinding light we have endured since December. Today, I went out with Ollie, and basked in that proper early summer light. Everything looked fresh and clean. Colours are finally rendered correctly. The various shrubs, trees, and grasses have finally managed to display their true greens. The battleship greys of winter are behind us, and the hundreds of different greens, from blue-black, to a yellow hue, are once again visible.

Shadows are evident once more, and my own walked ahead of me , distorted by light into an elongated version of my original. The local river took on a different aspect too. The winter light, harsh and reflective, was replaced by polarising light, enabling me to see the bottom of the shallow water; sometimes sharp clear gravel, other…

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