The abandoned farm

I am reblogging this post from 2016 for the benefit of anyone who has followed my blog since it was originally posted. It is the third most popular photo post on my blog, and is viewed every day, without fail.


Ollie had to go to the Vet again today. Yet more treatment for the ongoing ear infections that just won’t seem to go away. As usual, he was very well-behaved, so I thought I would give him a longer walk, and go somewhere different. All the photos are large files, and can be clicked on for detail.

Crossing into Mill Lane, and taking the path through the fruit farm fields, we headed out in the direction of Gingerbread Corner, in warm afternoon sun. The fields have all been harvested, and only the plums await ripening and picking. We circled the edge of the wheat fields, all just stubble now, and used the small gap in the hedgerow to access the main road. Taking the shady path behind Gingerbread Cottages, we soon came to the old abandoned farm.

The story is that the farm belonged to two elderly brothers. When they…

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18 thoughts on “The abandoned farm

  1. Pete, there is a guy who posts pictures of abandoned luncheonettes across America…for me, an abandoned building, farmhouse, etc makes we wonder about all fo the memories that were created inside – and what caused it all to end…great photos!

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    1. I think it is because planning permission has been refused to build new houses on the land. I hope it stays around just like, as I always enjoy walking past it. It cannot be seen from any road, so it’s good to come across it ‘off the beaten track’.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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