24 thoughts on “Dogshit in the trees

  1. We have no bins and people just walk around until they get home. I have not seen anyone discard their bags like that. It’s funny how group behavior influences people. Here I guess it’s not cool to drop the baggie.

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  2. You see dog owners in the village all walking around with a bag of poo. When their dog squats down, they look right and left and behind them, and if they see anybody they’ll pick it up. The local footpaths that are not frequented much are like dogs’ toilets.

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    1. Some people are so inconsiderate, Annabelle. They probably walk past the bag they dumped yesterday, before dumping another today. Even in such nice areas, so many people have little respect for where they live.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Rich is highlighting a growing problem over here, Kim. People put the poo in a bag, but will not carry it home, or to a bin. They just put the bags on gates and stiles, or throw them in threes and bushes.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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