Guest Post: Shaily Agrawal

I am delighted to have received a guest post from Shaily, in the form of a poem.
Shaily is a committed and engaged blogger, and was recently featured as a character in my last fiction serial.

Here is her own short bio.

Author Intro:
Shaily Agrawal is an Instructional Designer, working mother and small-town woman with a skewed perspective.

This is her unedited guest post.

Poetry: The Ripple Effect

I am numb—

Serene sea.

One walks in and

Offers condolence—

A drop that sends ripples

Across me.

Then come the tidal waves

Of reality

Crashing against my being.

I try to reply

But tears rise and choke me.

I inhale to calm down.

But the stormy sea knows no bounds.

I go under—

Drowning the illusion of restraint,

Once again.

I turn to hide

Lest the world may see

What a wreck

You have made of me.

Wait until the numbness returns.

And I’ll, again, be the serene sea.

If you would like to read more from Shaily, including her unusual ‘Tiny Stories’, please follow the link below the image above.

21 thoughts on “Guest Post: Shaily Agrawal

    1. The Artwork is homemade, Theo. I did it on Microsoft Paint because I could not find a logo that could convey the real meaning of a Starfish in the Trees. 🙂 I hope it shows how when we try new things, we see things differently.

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