Tiny Trailers

I know, we call them ‘Caravans’ in Britain.
But this post is mainly for Cindy and Susanne, American bloggers who have both bought tiny caravans to use on camping trips in the vast open spaces of the USA.

I found the photos posted on Twitter, on Helen Warlow’s art site. I don’t know who took them, so apologies for not giving proper credit.

This has to be the smallest caravan and car combination I have ever seen.

The Citroen 2CV is an iconic French car, as used by Tintin in the original Belgian comics. I didn’t think that small 600 cc engine would be powerful enough to tow a caravan, even one as small as this one.

Everyone will have seen some version of the ubiquitous VW Campervan or Minibus. But this one is pulling a tiny caravan too.

75 thoughts on “Tiny Trailers

        1. Thanks for adding your own experiences to the post.
          I looked up an Eriba Puck, and it seems to be quite luxurious. I wouldn’t want to tow one using a LHD Trabant though. I saw those cars when I travelled in the DDR, and they to me to seemed lack power.
          Best wishes, Pete.


  1. Awesome!! Some long time ago, when the tiny home on wheels bug hit here in the states, I thought “Awesome!” and it was retirement dream, up until two things stopped me short – A. how will I plant a permaculture garden in the ground? and B. I really don’t want to have to purchase a heavy duty truck, that guzzles gas, in order to pull it around – Nice to see the mini versions with ‘vehicles’ that surely are more affordable on purchasing/operating than a Dodge Ram 3500 – – LOL

      1. I am in current conversations with another group, and recently posted the yearning I’ve increasingly had for a ‘slow life’ movement – to tag along with the ‘slow food’ movement – I haven’t evolved enough to live life at the speed of light – – LOL

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  2. Back in 1992, I went on a multi-segment camping trip from Paris to Barcelona⁠—I took the train, hiked to camping spots, set up a pup tent⁠, and explored… While hiking a Grande RandonnΓ©e from Les Eyziesβ€”a village located on the VΓ©zΓ¨re that was base camp for my visit to Lascaux IIβ€”to the picturesque towns on the Dordogne, I got lost, and ended up going in circles, during which I chatted with a friendly French farmer and greeted some indifferent French cows. I finally came upon a country road, and was offered a ride in a decrepit 2CV with no back seat. I’ve ridden in a CitroΓ«n 2CV a couple of times, but that particular ride is the one I’ll never forget.

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    1. Thanks for your memories, David.
      I had a few friends who owned the 2 CV. I thought they were comfortable to ride in as a passenger, especially in good weather, when the roof could be easily rolled back to create a ‘convertible’.
      Just as long as you were not in a rush of course. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. My college roommate had a “Deux Cheveux” and I can easily remember the very very long ride from Virginia back to Massachusetts at Easter. Even riding in the car was not very comfortable, especially since I had grown up with those enormous American sedans. I can’t imagine trying to tow something. The car seemed resentful that there were two of us aboard!

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    1. The car in the middle is a French car, GP, not a VW. It is called a Citroen 2CV, and it does look like a VW Beetle a bit, I agree. (It is no longer manufactured) Here’s a link, as you may never have seen one in America.
      As you can see, on closer inspection it is different to the Beetle. Compare it with this.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. Absolutely love these! Sadly, living on an island means even if I did have something like this I couldn’t go too far without considerable expense. I did, at one time think about converting my small van for sleeping in but then it was written off in a car accident. I now have an electric bicycle. πŸ™‚

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      1. Yes, it’s great in dry weather but not so good in the rain. I live 3 miles from my nearest bus stop so when I am at home I am marooned if it’s really wet. I travel a lot now though so there is no point having a car sitting at home and not being used.

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      1. I towed mine around the south of England on holiday in 2017 and 2018. To retro and Steam events on the weekends. Like the Weald of Kent Steam festival. Lived in it for 3 weeks in comfort. They are great.

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