Birthday Boy! Eight Years Old!

On the 12th of February, 2012, Ollie was born late at night, in the house next door.

Three months later, he came to live with us, and has been my constant companion ever since. Hardly a moment of any day goes by when he is not close enough to me to touch, and the only time he is ever on his own is when he settles down on his bed at night.

He has mellowed my moods, given me reason to exercise and explore, and through him, I have met most of the people I know in Beetley.

Despite all his numerous surgical procedures and other medical problems, he has stuck with me loyally, and remained my best friend for those eight years.

Happy Birthday for yesterday, to the best dog anyone could ever hope to own.

101 thoughts on “Birthday Boy! Eight Years Old!

  1. Wow, that’s close. Oreo and Ollie’s birthdays – the big and small, haha! May I just say, I hope it was a lovely birthday Ollie boy. We’re gonna celebrate tomorrow when Nissa, Nate, Obet and Fr. Aly will come over for lunch.

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  2. I have owned dogs my entire life, and they are indeed the most loyal animals I know. Yes, they’re expensive, but how do you put a price on their unconditional love?

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    1. The young couple who used to live there bred pups from his Mum, and a pedigree dog from Norwich. Most of the other pups went to Essex homes, but one stayed in Dereham. We used to see her (Milly) occasionally, but when she needed ear and eye operations, the young woman who had her couldn’t afford them. So she gave her away to friends in South Norfolk.
      That left Ollie as the only one remaining in this area. His Mum (Molly) still lives in Norfolk, about 15 miles away. Laura brings her to see him now and again. He always remembers her.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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